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The Return of the Carter Boys: The Carter Boys 2 eHas I stillnjoyed it Sometimes predictable is good It s comforting in it s own way This "Was Just What I Needed "just what I needed when I needed it and by the time I finished listening I was smilingBottom line I Enjoyed It Enough To Want To enjoyed it nough to want to up the second book which is #Alex s storyPS Is anyone lse convinced that narrator Dominic M McCartney and Dave Gillies are the same #s storyPS Is anyone lse convinced that narrator Dominic M McCartney and Dave Gillies are the same This novel was a study in cliches1 xhile beating bc of being gay2 car breaking down on side of road3 cop happens to be mate4 cop happens to be straight5 sudden physical reactions to being around mate fangscock6 fear from cop who happens to be straight and denial7 rock hard cock8 four gay brothers living together or 3 gay and 1 previously straight9 sudden mind changing of the straight cop insta gay10 cop grovels for mate11 mate falls into insta lust and insta love trots off to live with cop12 previously straight man knows all about the logistics of gay sex without asking makes NO mistakes13 Travis everyone is gorgeous14 mate and cop are insatiable ueue cornyxchanges of so hot need you tc tc 15 rock hard cock16 AI Weiwei: Beijing Photographs, 1993-2003 everyone is so sexy17 parents of four brothers other pack memberstc is happy for previously straight cop now turned gay for mate18 spurned past girlfriend19 sex sex The Bubble Economy: Is Sustainable Growth Possible? even sex insta love20 surprise at finding out insta love is returned21 rock hard cock22 knotting23 rock hard cock24 I need I know what you need baby25 desperation for mate26 giggling 27 bitch fight28 near death injury29 complete recovery30 happilyver afterOh and did I mention the rock hard cock If not let me tack that on as 31 rock hard cock Reading the concept of mate in werewolves story can be personally tricky It s very common that this concept nds up in instant love uick claiming possessive Alphas and forgot the idea of courting Finding that one story with just the right balance of courting romance while still carry the concept of mate is not asy For me at least I m gambling with this one since Ms Griffin is a new author Unfortunately this first story of her series of four gay werewolf brothers came out short and disappointing Again it s the instant love I know you re my mate since the first time I saw you let s get it on type of story There s no actual courting The Social Machine: Designs for Living Online everything happens pretty fast Sure there s one big challenge on Brian s position as Marcus s mate in thend and it s probably the only scene I Collision Course: Endless Growth on a Finite Planet enjoy because at least it feels like a climax There is notnough character building for me to get into 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 (Software Studies) either Marcus and Brian as individualAND the last reason is very subjective okay but I HATE the use of baby as terms ofndearment I really REALLY HATE IT I will say that again and again I prefer the words like hon or sweetheart Even babe is okay Baby is just irritating because for me it reminds me of actual baby and I don t like to think of a man that way Seeing few baby in conversation is acceptable but Marcus calls Brian baby in almost EVERY conversation and it s grating on my nerves It s like hearing nail screeching a glass I m so annoyed by it I m ready to ban that word forever from ALL of romance novels I read however I do hope that this is only because it s the first book I m still intrigued with the rest of the brothers Hopefully the next book will be a better xperience 35 starsHoly cows this was terrible And Mate to walk away from him without so much as a backward glanceMarcus Holland was having one hell of a week Breaking up with his girlfriend and then copping an arful from his mother about settling down and having kids All he wanted was to go home and relax Little did he know. Loved it anywayThis has all the cliches A young guy thrown out by his pack for being gay a possessive mate formerly straight corny sex scenes guy thrown out by his pack for being gay a possessive mate formerly straight corny sex scenes lots and lots of over the top fluffinessAnd it was just what I neededI knew what I was getting into when I started this book I was craving for something cheesy something so low angst it was ridiculous And I loved itI have to admit the writing in the first half was not as bad as I Your Everyday Art World expected There was somewhat of an introduction to both characters Of course after Marcus got his head out of his ass he fullymbraced the gay and it turned into one big sap fest But I was okay with that I Why Photography Matters expected no lessSo if you are in the mood for a lot of Mine Mine Mine Mine hard cocksverywhere and at the most inappropriate moments with a little hurtcomfort thrown in this is the book for you With an Unexptected Mate I gave the shifter genre another chance I really want to find a shifter story I really like but so far I just wasn t successful I might keep chosing the wrong books but I was really looking forward to this one The blurb sounded interesting and

*a lot of *
lot of GR friends rated the book with around 4 stars Brian Townsend was having one hell of a week Rejected by his parents kicked out of his pack and now his car breaks down on his way south What Doreen Valiente Witch else could go wrong He soon finds out when the police rock up and the sexy cop turns out to be his mate What he didn txpect was his mate to walk away from him without so much as a backward glanceSounds good right Unfortunately it wasn t that good I finished the book and I didn t think about DNF but it still wasn t an Duty Free Murder entertaining read And I really wanted to like the story but there were so many boring stereotypes too much mating and notnough plot that I just never felt connected to Brian and Marcus The last two three chapters managed to get me somewhat interested and I felt some kind of sympathie toward the characters but I m uite sure that I will have forgotten about them in just a few days This might be a clear case of It s not you it s me But I really want to find a good shifter story before completely giving up the subgenre So if you like shifter stories just let me know about your favorite books I m looking forward to some recommendations2 stars for this one This is the book for you if you want to read the mean of Asperger - Leben in zwei Welten : Betroffene berichten: das hilft mir in Beruf, Partnerschaft Alltag every wolf shifter MM novel out there and you want to read it with a x8 speed multiplier onThe story goes like thisStraight wolf meets bent wolf and assorted boner situations but NO I AM NOT GAY NEVER NEVER NEVER Stomp stomp stomp stomp later anpiphany happens and oh my what s this I m gay after all Meet up sex sex sex sex sex It was great sex so I love you now Meet family sex sex sex sex sex oops 2D villain roadblock someone gets hurt sex sex the ndOh and don t forget the reuisite thrown out because I am gay scenario but that s right there on the blurb so you can t say you weren t warned I m not sure what America is really like being neither male nor gay there but #if these MM books are to be trusted approximately 80% of them are orphaned after puberty I #these MM books are to be trusted approximately 80% of them are orphaned after puberty I curious about this series view spoilerI know that further along in a related series there s mpreg which I ve never read before so I ve been thinking how the hell is that ven possible I needed to know hide spoiler. One last call out on his way home would change his life for Venous Catheters everCan Marcus come to terms with the fact his mate is a man or will he risk losing Brian forever However notveryone in the pack is ntirely happy with this matingNOTE UM has been re dited and xpanded by over 17.

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