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UngiftedS in this book but I still liked it and think it s good not to take things too seriously A redeeming value of the story is that Korman shows us that kids are kids no matter what their i is they want to be accepted feel a part of something and want adults to believe in them Gordon Korman just knows middle school kids and write good books for them Korman stereotypes gifted kids and spec d teachers throughout this book almost as though he had never met one Fact most gifted kids don t know they re gifted and certainly don t know their I Also fact giftedness comes with a variety of benefits and challenges and not all of them include tunnel vision awkwardness or the tendency to be sanctimoniously judgmental Spec Ed teachers and yes gifted The Man with the Golden Gun (James Bond role-playing game) [Box Set] ed is Special Educationdo not sit around wondering how a student got into the gifted school Testing happens but by a psychologist not in a library on a computerThis story was implausible the characters were one dimensional the writing was pedantic I hatedverything about this book Not only did it not make much needed points about the delta between gifted kids and non gifted kids it underscored unfair and untrue prejudices toward gifted students Ungifted I really njoyed this book for me at very page something new kept happening open begging to read of the book Ungifted reopened up the stereotypes of the gifted program which I really Schmerzmedizin - 1000 Fragen enjoyed as well Even though the book did switch people s viewsach chapter it didn t bother me as much as I thought it would This book is really good and keeps you reading the whole way through for me at least and I definitely recommend it to many people When I was in 1st grade my best friend got into the gifted program Boy was I jealous Every Thursday 2 or 3 students in my class would go out to another classroom and come back just before school Psychologische Homöopathie. ended I felt stupid Why were they smarter than me I m creative and clever and got good grades At least I thought I did But seeing other kids get treated special I felt left out How were they better than meThe next year I was accepted into the gifted program I wasstatic Finally Thursdays would be filled of people telling me how smart creative and special I was But the first day felt weird It was no different than my other class The Viva Mayr Diet: 14 days to a flatter stomach and a younger you except we learned about different things like volcanoes instead of mathBut I didn t say anything Why Because I still wanted to be special I ll admit that s the person I am So I continued being in the programSo I could totally relate to this book Not only that but it also had melodrama A factor that boosts my rating on any bookDonovan the protagonist was very cookie cutter He reminded me of many of the kids I knew The kids at the gifted program were defiantly stereotypes butach character was a different one One person was a total nerd another was a smart person who didn t want to be a nerd I ve seen than my share of those and so on I can t recall her name sense I read this book ages ago but I really liked the girl who was in the program that was socially awkward trying not to be a nerdTypical schools But I don t blame him for making them so ordinary because there s only so much an author can do to make their work seem differentAn awesome book I loved that Donovan was not actually supposed to be in the gifted program but Aviation Logistics: The Dynamic Partnership of Air Freight and Supply Chain even when he was he seemed to get along It says thatveryone is gifted not just the people labeled by superiors I continue to love Korman s work Everything he writes it so relatableUpdate 12414 I just stopped by Barnes Noble to pick up this book I can t wait to read it againUpdate 12813 Reread number 3 I have been reminded of how much I love love love this book SO GOOD This is going to be a review in two partsPart the First In Which I Talk About the Plot Characters and General Thoughts About UngiftedIf Donovan Curtis has one gift it is his gift for troublemaking With his poor impulse control and his recklessness chaos follows him wherever he goes After a particularly stupid prank with its costly and dangerous result he thinks he has gone too far But instead of being punished for it an R High Performance Programming error by his school s administrator sends him to the Academy of Scholastic Distinction a special program for gifted kids with high IAs an average student Donovan is the proverbial fish out of water at the Academy at least to start with Soon though he and the other students start to realise that Donovanxactly what the Academy needed a breath of fresh air and limitless creativity Its short chapters alternate between several point of view including Donovan s some of his teachers and a few of his fellow students at the AcademyOn the surface Ungifted is a pretty decent fun book I read it in one go and njoyed my time reading it Its prose is competent and it has truly funny moments By comparing the day to day life of highly gifted students and that of normal word used in the book students it makes really good points about how xpectations can shape the life of students gifted or not how ducational labelling can be problematic and how separating talented students from the rest of the student body is uestionable when it completely sets THEM APART THEY DON T EVEN INTERACT SOCIALLYTHE WAY apart they don t ven interact sociallyThe way story progresses and how Donovan manages to get away with his trouble making tendencies as well as the hero worship for his daring do sort of reminded me in part of Ferris Bueller s Day Off although Donovan doesn t have half of Ferris charisma which is The Qur'an, Morality and Critical Reason: The Essential Muhammad Shahrur essential for a story like this to workOther characters are much likeable like the two gifted kids Chloe and Noah both of them understandably wishing their school was not separated from the rest of the student body wishing for a normal life To them Donovan is a godsendBUTPart the Second In Which I Lose My Shit and Get RantyThe fundamental premise of Ungifted is completely totally LUDICROUS And I really can t stress thisnoughALL of the students at the Academy are portrayed as socially awkward nerds most of them have a tendency for scientific subjects and none for the arts none of them were presented as creative because obviously high I plus science uncreative peopleThis is where things get really shady for me If the point the book is trying to make is that these high I kids live a sterile sad life because their teachers and the Vermeer to Eternity education system don t nurture their creativity I thought that point was really badly done Because in the book there is a real dichotomy between normal kids and high I kids that is portrayed as FACT The high I kids are all portrayed. Lastic Distinction ASD a special program for gifted and talented studentsIt wasn'txactly what Donovan had intended but there couldn't be a perfect hideout for someone like him That is if he can manage to fool people whose Is are above genius level And that becomes harder and harder as the students and teachers of ASD grow to re. .
I truly believe that Ungifted shows Mr Korman at his best I think that he stereo typed that Gifted program a little I m in one and all the kids there are crazy than socially awkward brainiacs We know a lot and we do have high Is but Noah is unrealistically smart and stupid at the Heaven to Betsy exact same time I think Chloe shows the bestxample of what Gifted kids are REALLY like Middle school students hankering for themes such as rebellion against school rules and authority burgeoning interest in girls friendship issues identity and growing up will get all that and in Korman s novel The writing is well done along with the character development and humor but my adult brain wanted the issue of gifted tackled So B. It even Several Goodreads reviewers have pointed out and rightfully so that the gifted students in this story are presented as stereotyped nerds with I s over 130 and the average students as normal This seemed to bother adults than the 12 middle school students I m friends with on Goodreads who rated the novel roughly 35 out of 5 stars Perhaps the author did the stereotypes on purpose tomphasize the point that labels limit people whether calling someone stupid gifted ungifted class clown nerd or whatever other word your cortex spits out While I wished the stereotypes weren t there I do think that the overarching message that any person can accomplish great things when given opportunities to prosper regardless of I is important and worth a discussion Our middle school teachers have been using this book as a forum for character ducation as well Readers can muddle along with the book s cast of characters who alternately show courage fear kindness meanness and as they make good and bad choices at schoolDonovan Curtis the protagonist is the class clown who pulls a prank that lands him accidentally in the Academy for Scholastic Distinction a gifted program for students and teachers with I s over 130 An average student Donovan feels like a stowaway on the Titanic avoiding the Superintendent s witch hunt for him because his prank had some serious conseuences When the gifted students meet Donovan they like him for his normalness He humanizes the robot by naming it in robotics is skilled at driving it and helps the class avoid taking summer school because of an administrative rror Eventually Donovan has to own up for his prank and the conseuences are difficult for his classmates himself and his family Through it all he becomes a better person and learns to face his own prejudices and weaknessesThe different points of view round out the characters from the students to the teachers Chloe interprets the world creating hypotheses that she further xplores as she gets to know Donovan Other hypotheses are just funny such as when she jokes that the gifted students study so much they have prison pale faces and perhaps the computer monitors could become Sun lamped nhanced for a false tan She has a crush on Donovan just like boy genius Noah is fascinated by Donovan who makes guesses and is impulsive Some reviewers have argued that the gifted students are inaccurately portrayed as uncreative like Donovan Donovan could be used as a foil to xplore this issue but I agree that the implied message that gifted students are not creative is rroneous Abigail is not star struck by Donovan and insists he doesn t belong to the school Her ambiguous actions are interesting at the Trading Places: The Netherlandish Merchants in Early Modern Venice end I liked the character Noahxcept the wrestling bit was out there The plot got unbelievable as the story went on with robotics competition and Noah Realistic fiction kind of gets a bum wrap when it comes to believability Fantasy can get away with anything but throw in something En plein coeur exaggerated in realistic fiction and the reader goes Huh I had some huh moments at thend but it is still funThe robot s name Tin Man and the robotics teacher Oz from the Wizard of Oz mirror Donovan s situation that is similar to Dorothy s who was dropped into an alternate world Like Dorothy Donovan is permanently changed by the xperience And Makes Close Friends makes close friends the way Ms Bevelaua ven makes a parallel to Donovan passing the Academy retest to Tin Man getting a diploma Even though he passed he was still failing her class and all the others in school Donovan can t keep up with the gifted students academically but he realizes later that he learned uite a bit I kept waiting for Oz to be of a mentor to Donovan but that doesn t happen Instead Donovan learns what it means to work on a team something he doesn t get at the beginning when he makes a goofy rhyme up saying his basketball team will lose by 50 points He also doesn t understand the power of labels at first but does at the Dance Real Slow end of the storyI ve lived with people who have I s in the 140s and know several geniuses and the one trait they all seem to have is a great memory and the ability to work on the same task for long periods of time Some were nerds but others were athletes Some were shy and others were outgoing Some were successful and others were not While Korman does uestion and point out the negativity of separating genius from average in school and society putting too muchmphasis on I I would have liked to have seen the teachers at the gifted school help Donovan with academics and recognized other variables of giftedness Perhaps the story would have felt authentic instead of The Art of Memoir extreme in the school settings Of course thextremeness maybe makes it poignant and contrasting I don t know This is one of those books I should turn around and reread so I can process it Whatever you decide it is a funny novel with a thought provoking topic I borrowed this book from a student who had liked it and since I teach gifted kids I wanted to read it I also read some criticism about it on a gifted ducation website so I was curious about that I thought the premise of the story was funny a trouble maker and middle schooler of average intelligence Donovan pulls a prank that gets out of control and the superintendent who prides himself with a well run district wants him gone However Donovan s name gets accidentally picked up as someone whose scores send him to the Academy of Scholastic Distinction the school for gifted kids He knows it s a mistake obviously but his parents are so happy about it and it s the perfect place to hide out until his mishap has

Blown Over What He Doesn 
over What he doesn xpect is that he ll xcel in some unexpected areas specially robotics and he ll learn to appreciate the kids who go there when he thought it was just Nerdville There are some major stereotype. The word gifted has never been applied to a kid like Donovan Curtis It's usually like Don't try this at home So when the troublemaker pulls a major prank at his middle school he thinks he's finally gone too far But thanks to a mix up by one of the administrators instead of getting in trouble Donovan is sent to the Academy of Scho.

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As lacking this potential for creativity unlike Donovan whose potential for creativity is limitless A few xamples are in order1The first thing that Donovan does when he joins the Academy s robotic class He NAMES the Robot they are constructing The other students reaction is one of AWE and RESPECT because and I uote Nobody s ver thought of naming the robot before 2Noah whose I is 206 and therefore is a recognised genius had never heard of youtube before Donovan told him about it Once he comes across youtube he becomes addicted to it and Donovan becomes his idol I found it really hard to believe that a smart kid like Noah would not have heard about youtube EVER It s 2012 youtube is Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography everywhere Are you telling me none of the other kids or members of his familyver watched a clip and talked about it that he has never come across it online or on TV or newspapers articles3At the robotics competition at the The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, end of the book when Donovan realises they are losing he sets the robot to destroy the whole thing creating the chaos and destruction he is known for andhe is lauded for it Becauseven turning a robot into an instrument of destruction reuires a kind of giftedness that none of us have Are You KIDDING Me4Some of the kids at the Academy are portrayed as wanting to lead a normal life amongst other students I can totally understand that But the only kid whose point of view differed from this and who is happy about what they have at the Academy is portrayed as a vapid gotistic girl who only care about her results and getting into college5There is a ridiculous amount of unexplained Donovan worship just because he is normal and creative The teachers the students all worship him One of the kids says He s important than any of us because he has an uncanny knack for making a difference This got tiresome really soonSeparating kids so completely from the rest of the student body is a bad thing in many ways it separates them from the rest of their colleagues it can create too high xpectations and it can also result in creating too low xpectations for all the other kids But high ability groups not schools are I think necessary because these kids need to be challengedBut the biggest problem I had with the book is the fact that the high I kids are portrayed as lacking any creativity this is reinforced by all characters and by the plot This is xtremely problematic because it stems from an undeserved stigma that associates science and high intelligence with uncreativity And that is for lack of a better word stupidI d like to uote Thea when she wrote about another book The Unwanteds that had a similar problem because she says it so well and I agree with the sentiment completely Some of humanity s most brilliant and creative minds have been mathematicians scientists The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl engineers and yesven Exile and Pilgrim economists as anconomics graduate I resent these implications so very much The central premise of the novel precludes the possibility nay the reality that it takes creativity to be in the sciences or related subjects You re trying to tell me that Einstein s theorems are the product of a non creative mind That brilliant conomists like John Nash or Adam Smith or that Watson Crick and Franklin in their discovery of the double helix structure of DNA have not an iota of creativity in their being What of Euler Da Vinci Tesla Curie Newton Darwin or Galileo I m sorry but I call BULLPUCKY ExactlyUltimately I think MG kids would njoy this book immensely and as I said some really good points are made But I feel I can t really recommend Ungifted unreservedly When Donovan hit the Atlas statue with a tree branch he really just meant it to make a loud Hannah Montana: The Movie echoey clang He had no way of knowing that the 400 pound globe on Atlas s shoulders was held on with one single rusty bolt Donovan didn t mean to send the ball careening down the hill through the glass doors and across the gym floor So when a disciplinary screw up sends him to the Academy for Scholastic Distinction he didn t really mean for that to happenither but it s a great place to hide out for a while It doesn t take long for anyone to figure out that Donovan doesn t belong with the geniuses at his new school but Donovan does have some gifts the geniuses don t have But it ll take than joystick skills and a pregnant sister to keep him in the gifted schoolReally njoyed this sweet and sincere while still being goofy and funny Donovan seems like a real 8th grader with impulse control issues and a prankster attitude His immediate reaction to his new classmates is to see them all as huge hopeless nerds but he uickly comes to care about them defending them against his thuggish old school friends He tries hard and manages to be a really decent kid under all the mischief Definitely one to recommend to middle schoolers the brightly colored robot cover should help it find an audience Aside as an adult reader there are plenty of plot holes big nough to drive their robot through and like Schooled Ungifted is plagued with similarly unrealistic xpectations of what middle schoolers are like Still it s charming and uplifting as long as you don t think too hard about itAside 2 I assume Korman doesn t have kids of his own given the lack of fuss and drama made about a 4 hour labor xcept to compare it against the 90 minute labor of a dog birthing 4 puppies and say that the dog had it asy A 4 hour labor is unusually speedy though the book makes it appear that it took forever This book is Gordon Korman at his best It s also not very old so that gives me hope for his future books I hate it when an author kind of slowly Slides Down In Uality Until down in uality until go from great books to reading mud you know But this is definitely not the case with Gordon Korman He s at the top of his game in Ungifted and I love itDonovan is not gifted At all He s average in very sense of the word but he does get in trouble than the average person He This is a really impressive novel Lots of a adults try to write books from the point of a child and fail This doesn t When a kid named Donovan accedently destroys his school gym with a large bronze sphere don t ask a principle screws a kid named Donovan accedently destroys his school gym with a large bronze sphere don t ask a principle screws and gets him sent to a smarty pants private school instead of juvenile detention There he s the only one who s Cardiovascular Pet: Current Concepts everExplored YouTubeSkateboardedMade a half decent jokePlayed a video game Wrecked a school gym with a bronze ball no surprise thereHe s going to have to try to stay with his new schools standards try to give his peers a life and stay under the school boards radar Or he s dead. Alize that Donovan may not be good at math or science or just about anything But after an ongoingxperiment with a live human sister an unforgettably dramatic middle school dance and the most astonishing come from behind robot victory ver Donovan shows that his gifts might be xactly what the ASD students never knew they needed. ,