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One for older kids to read on their own What was the best part All of it But "If I Have To Choose "I have to choose oved the unicorn disguises page and the baby unicorn 5 out of 5 stars Cute colorful funny picture book for the unicorn obsessed This amusing ook at the science of unicorns examines their every aspect Hand to fans of Mac Barnett and Adam Rex or any unicorn obsessed kid Written in the style of a non fiction book This Is Hilarious This is hilarious This 101 courseguide will tell you everything you need to know about these magical creatures The facts are 999% authoritative and are pretty well vetted I know this because the scientists ook super official in their white Naples! lab coats Professors Glitter Pants Sprinkle Steed Star Hoof and Sugar Beard have done the research and are prepared to share their findings debunking any myths and dropping some serious knowledge that will prepare you to earn your very own unicorn scientist certificate You willearn how to tell the age of a unicorn what their The Curious Cases of Cyriack Skinner Grey legendary horns are made of and how they settle their disputes with the ancient ritual of the dance off Be prepared toaugh out Itsuka loud with your kiddos and beware of cute baby unicornsUnicorns 101 matches two of the major reuests I ve been gettingately in my K 5 ibrary The first "being unicorns Mrs Carter we need books about unicorns The second is glitter The glitter action on "unicorns Mrs Carter we need books about unicorns The second is glitter The glitter action on front cover will dazzle your readers for sure I can t wait to get a copy or two to add to our ibrary It s already on order in fact After reading Explorers of the Wild Where Oliver Fits and our absolute favorite Sir Simon Super Scarer I have earned to simply add Cale Atkinson s books to our collection without uestion And now that I have a copy of the galley in my hands I know it will be a hit with my readers If you have ever had uestions about unicorns this book has the answers It s a kid s picture book but it s great break from the perils of the world today Have you ever seen a unicorn at a bake sale There s a good reason why you haven t Do you know the evolution of the unicorn It s been through many stages and there have been many offshoots including birdcorn and ameobacorn This is a hilariously cute book for anyone who oves unicorns and their uniculture Cute and funny colorful cartoon illustration. Acts settle the mysteries and show readers that unicorns are than just horns and rainbo. ,

Esearchers could have been female We ive in a time where we are really trying to promote science to young women how hard would it have been to include ONE female unicorn researcher Do I "Know This Wasn T Intentional Yes Do "this wasn t intentional Yes Do know that young children still enjoy the book Yes But I also know that uietly if unintentionally the book suggests that only men can be Live Bait leading researchers and that isn t something I want to promote nor do I believe I will admit I m a researcher and when I showed the first page of this book to five female colleagues and asked what their first thoughts were of the book every one of them commented that all the unicorns were male Disappointing Canadian picture book author and artist Cale Atkinson creator of such winsome titles as Where Oliver Fits and Sir Simon Super Scarer returns to the form in this tongue in cheek guide to all things unicorn Guided by Professors Glitter Pants Sprinkle Steed Star Hoof and Sugar Beard the young cornie AKA unicorn fan willearn about everything from unicorn biology to unicorn history the use of the horn to unicorn types At the conclusion of the book a graduation certificate is included with room for the young readerlistener s name to be filled inUnicorns are a very popular topic right now in the world of picture books and Atkinson s Unicorns 101 is an entertaining addition to the growing body of work devoted to the subject The guide book format works very well here and there are plenty of facts the keep the reader and istener amused One of said facts the idea that unicorns defecate cupcakes is also contained in Ame Dyckman s humorous You Don t Want a Unicorn although Atkinson expands on the idea here depicting a horrified unicorn family turning away from a sidewalk bake sale in which cupcakes are being sold The artwork here is uite colorful with a sense of visual humor that is well matched to the text Recommended to young unicorn fans with a sense of humor Calling it now the best book of 2020 While I oved this book I don t think I would use it in storytime as there is so much to Fancy Strut look at and so much information on each page But I think it d be a really fun book to prompt a writing activity write a history book for a mythical creature Or it d just be a fun book to do aapsit with a younger child or a fun. Lus trusty Northern California: A History and Guide - From Napa to Eureka lab assistant Pete the world'seading unicorn experts as they deliver the

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I am babysitting my nieces tonight and it is the ittlest turn to choose the book and "She Chosen This One Unicorns 101 Is "chosen this one Unicorns 101 is children s picture book written and illustrated by Cale "Atkinson It Is A Tounge In Cheek "It is a tounge in cheek guide to Betterthan Horsicus or the unicornThe text is rather simplistic and straightforward It is a fun and silly narrative which tells the aspects of the unicorn in a uasi scientific manner The illustrations are done in a frenetic cartoon art style with the bug eyed bushy maned unicorn scientists front and center which is aprops to the tone of the narrativeThe premise of the book is rather straightforward In this effervescent unicorn expos Atkinson introduces the four top unicorn scientists who break down the basics of unicorn ology With the essential unicorn anatomy and classification charts on hand the scientists discuss unicorn horns diets social behavior varieties and habitatsAll in all Unicorns 101 is a wonderful children s book filled with fun and silly antics that pertains to the unicorn my niece s favorite animal This compendium of information about unicorns is delightfully hilarious It s chock full of important facts "that are sure to please the unicorn fan club The jacket cover even "are sure to please the unicorn fan club The jacket cover even glitter on it In the back matter there s a Unicorn Scientificus Diploma readers can fill in proving they are officially Unicorn Scientists Cale Atkinson knows his stuff According to the jacket cover he studied under Professor Sugar Beard to earn his PhD in hornology His knowledge shines through in the comical illustrations filled with a riot of rainbow colours I was not really impressed with Unicorns 101 I would have given it a ower rating but my niece enjoyed the bright colours story and unicorn theme Right from the first page I was disappointed Cale Atkinson meant to write a ight hearted book about unicorns and the science surrounding them On the first page of the book he introduced the reader to four eading unicorn researchers Professor Glitter Pants Professor Sprinkle Steed Professor Star Hoof and Professor Sugar Beard plus their trusty ab assistant Pete All four researchers and their ab assistant happen to be male all are wearing ties and two have facial hair I m not a person to really push for gender euality but really Not one of those This comedic picture book features Professors Glitter Pants Star Hoof and Sugar Beard Unicorns 101

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