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Thomas s father Captain Pearson did seem to xplain this ie she was raised by hippies and thus reflected Pearson did seem to Pin-Up explain this ie she was raised by hippies and thus reflected views with regards to the US and in the case of her biological father her mother only had good things to say despite having known the merman for however long it took to conceive Fred one night Regardless Fred s defense of her biological father was still a little naive and hard to believe When Farrem reveals his true self however was what really flummoxed me How could someone who had seemed honestly repentant and loving toward his only daughter turned into Mr Hyde And I clearly see how hypocritical I am in thinking Fred too gullible in accepting dear old Dad And Fred didn t feel a sense of betrayal or maybeven shock Same with her two housemates who had lived in the same house as Farrem for at least a few days It was so startling and didn t seem believable And Farrem calling veryone worm was kind of comical I think that that was what the author was trying to achieve but it didn t really seem to work out that well with me The nding with Farrem was a bit disturbing Loyal to His Lies especially considering that Fred had no feelings about what she had just done I suppose that regrets would have made the book seem serious but it was still uncomfortable Fortunately for me Fred had made her decision and got her HEA Ahh it is time to bid adi s to Fred as Fish Out of Water is the final book of the Fred the mermaid trilogy A true shame really as I feel I am just warming up to the brash green haired Fredrika I am an absolute sucker for happyndings and I can t complain about this one I had hoped Fred would pick Thomas the human one The Favorite Daughter eventually andven though it only finally came about in the last book at least I got the Fitness for Geeks ending I wanted I also like how MJDxtracted Artur from the love triangle sure it was convenient but at least it wasn t messy and I don t feel heartbroken for Artur Somehow I think he ll survive Throw in a bare bones mystery about missing merfolk and a finale appearance by a deranged mer father and we have a story cooking While not the greatest novel that I ve read ven by MJD standards I must say that I have njoyed the mermaid trilogy and Fred and the gang will be missed Who knows They may appear again one day I Don T Think This t think this is on its last leg or tail yet I had a feeling she would nd up with Thomas in the nd so I read a few spoilers and my suspicions were confirmed Pissed I put the book down before I was Winter Sunshine even a third of the way through it The final book in the Fred the Mermaid series and I have to say I am uite sad that it s over I love Fred and her gang of motley friends I love her foul mouth and I just reallynjoyed reading these books They go uick and they are light and fluffy but there is just Naked Choke enough story to keep you from getting ticked off at the fluff Plus the cover art is awesome It sparkles and I am such a sucker for sparkles I do struggle a bit with how cavalier Fred is with wellverything She is not a deep river Still I wish I could let things just roll off my back like she does At the Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good end of this book she does something and I think it would haunt me forternity if I did it ven though she did the right thing in the situation but she never reflects on the situation and just shrugs it off I guess I could get pissy at Mary Janice Davidson for not giving Fred any depth but I think that is part of her charm and truthfully I would not want her any other way She wouldn t be Fred if she were written differently So I finished this book with a heavy heart knowing I would not be able to read about Fred and her adventured with the undersea folk Thankfully Mary Janice Davidson is still writing her Betsy books and I content myself with those books. Vater vor der Tür den sie nie kennengelernt hat Doch der Meermann scheint nichts Gutes im Schilde zu führ. I liked this book the best out of the series Too bad it is the last one featuring Fred the Mermaid although maybe us loyal readers can persuade MaryJanice to bring Fred back for I loved the storyline and Fred s continuing struggle between which man is best for her Throw in her wayward merman father showing up out of the blue and her best friend marrying her boss and of course there will be drama I must admit I did not guess the nd she her boss and of course there will be drama I must admit I did not guess the Healing Souls end she me fooled all along that Fred s dad was reformed and not behind all the disappearing Undersea Folk And I am thrilled that this seriesnds with Fred togetehr with Thomas who I rooted for since the beginning Everything Seductive Surrender ends well and all are happy which is a nice way tond a series Final Book in the Fred the Mermaid series Review does contain some spoilersFred finally made a choice to date Prince Artur but she still can t get marine biologist Thomas out of her head In addition to still being confused about what her heart wants Fred has also been chosen to play media spokesperson for Undersea Folk now that they have come out in the open Throw in her long lost father suddenly popping back into her life and her best friend planning his wedding and Seductive Surrender (Highland Heather Romancing a Scot, everything just gets complicatedFinally this series is over and there is no to readFred finally makes an official choice but how she comes to that choice is crazy The romance between her and the two male leads still doesn t see complete There were notnough moments between Fred and Thomas to make the switch from Artur to him seem believable In fact the fact that Fred was ven thinking about Thomas when she was with Artur and thought Thomas was dating another mermaid seemed like a big red flag that Artur wasn t the one she wanted any What bothered me the most was that only the reader seemed to notice those red flags Everyone lse was telling her make her choice and pick one but this book choice and pick one but this book to be pushing her towards Thomas If there was supposed to be a triangle it was not made obvious Artur returned to being the arrogant man he was in the first book It seemed that once he won Fred or at least in his own mind then he didn t care any about her feelings or her differences It was didn t care any about her feelings or her differences It was he forgot that she wasn t like him It was uite annoying as in the second book he was starting to seem as though he actually cared about Fred Thomas seemed to grow a bit in this book which was actually uite nice We do also get a couple chapters in his point of view which is something we never get for Artur in all three books We see why he seems so distant and why he has been away so long isn t because he doesn t care but because he doesn t feel he is worthy In this third book I was finally happy to see something from the other characters in the love triangle outside of Fred and why they do what they do something I felt was missing for the other two booksWe get introduced to Fred s father Farrem a traitor who was banished for wanting to overthrow the monarchy over 30 years ago He was actually the best character in this book at least until the nd I felt like he actually cared about his family and Fred and felt regret for what he had done only then in the nd he turned around and threw it all away It seemed like a cop out It also didn t help that we were introduced to this issue near the nd of the book and it was wrapped up in a matter of just a few chapters Overall while I was happy with Fred nding up with who I wanted her to The Deepest Sin end up with and who I felt felt since the first book she shouldnd up with the book series overall didn t seem well planned out Fred was hard to relate to and didn t seem to ask her age or ven close and spent way too much time thinking about her own problems rather than others If it did. Nachdem der Meeresbiologe Dr Thomas Pearson sie für ine reinblütige Meerjungfrau sitzen gelassen hat gib. .

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N t affect her directly she probably wouldn t be involved The love triangle didn t develop properly in my mind and I never felt like there was actually any feeling between Fred and ither of the two men I don t think I d read this series again This is a highly njoyable conclusion to a fun trilogy After the mer people decided to view spoilershow themselves to humanity hide spoiler OK I confess I love Fred She s sarcastic caustic and bad tempered She s almost sex feet tall has green hair and grows a tail when in water If you haven t yet read MaryJanice Davidson s series about Fredrika the Mermaid you don t know what you re missing This trilogy is very funny and Fish Out of Water is the final book in the series and a fitting nding for Fred She finally has to choose between Artur the hot and sexy Prince of the Undersea Folk and Thomas the hot and sexy doctorauthor she s been hot for a long time Poor Fred But between press interviews as representative for the recently revealed Undersea Folk hormonal and sexual issues trying to choose between Thomas and Artur having to be best man in her best buds wedding with all the attendant pain in the butt appointments meeting her long lost banished traitor to the Undersea pain in the butt appointments meeting her long lost banished traitor to the Undersea father and a possible plot to overthrow again Artur s father the Kingwell she s not having a very good weekThere s not a lot of sex in this series There IS however an ocean hah hah of humor in these books Fred is certainly
An Atypical Heroine In Every 
atypical heroine in very I ll be sad not to have of her life and times to look forward to I think the whole series could have been developed a little bit better All of the books feel rushed Then again it is a paranormal romance about a mermaid I didn t hate reading it and it is a very uick book to get through Bottom line if you liked the other two books you ll like this one If you have already read the other two and just want to find out who she nds up with I ll help you out It s Thomas Everything wraps up neatly and she and Artur stay friends Oh yeah her father turns out to be as bad as veryone said he was but in the nd Fred nds up snapping his neck and killing him This of course ndears her to all of the mermaids who hated her because of what her father had done in the past Ta da There s the story in a nutshell Trust me the book isn t much longer I loved all three of these books Fred remained her abrasive and socially awkward self I really like that about her It made her a fun character to read about specially in a genre romance that is inundated with heroines who are universally beloved by all Le valeureux guerrier except or in some cases including the antagonists Instead we have a half human half mermaid who does not get along that well with humans and had Undersea Folks who didn t know her hating her on sight or did It was great also to see that Fred were uite aware about her faults and herffect on other people She was a little miffed that the Undersea Folk did not receive her warmly but because people tend to dislike her after getting to know her which was fine with her and not before which she thought was unfair Fred is still waffling in the third book between the Prince Artur and Dr Thomas Pearson and makes decisions for the wrong reasons again which was a little frustrating and annoying so it was a relief to have her finally make a decision that brought her the most happiness We are introduced to her biological father I was actually a little surprised by how uickly Fred seemed to accept him since she did not seem to think too much of him in the first two books Her willingness to believe that her biological father had changed made me a little skeptical specially considering how cynical she was about the US Nonetheless a point made by. T Fred dem Werben von Artur dem Prinzen des Unterwasservolkes nach Da steht überraschend Freds leiblicher. Fish Out of Water Fred the Mermaid #3