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S two younger sisters The art style is beautiful and the the expressions on the characters faces are so authentic that you feel for the characters in their situation Shizu Karasawa is a blank slate She doesn t talk much or have any interests It s even hard for her to express her feelings and can t describe if she feelings and can t describe if she SOMETHING OR NOT I THINK SHIZU IS AN something or not I think Shizu is an character that is capable of character growth as the series progresses The ghosts that possesses her give her different personalities but she doesn t have one herself In this volume there was a short flashback scene that show something happened bad that made Shizu the way she is Things got complicated towards the end that affected Tetsu and Shizu elationship which make the idea of a omantic or platonic elationship between these characters intriguing I give this volume a 475 out of 5 stars So you e not supposed to judge a book by its cover but everyone does itThe art on the cover was just too pretty to esist and the title is cuteBut actually this book is a lot intense than you d think Shizu is confusing to understand at first she is certainly one complicated individual and honestly it was exhausting I don t think I ll continue with this manga personally I prefer a lighthearted carefree saccharine sweet kind of story Also I can t say the art inside was as beautiful as the cover I mean Also I can t say the art inside was as beautiful as the cover I mean wasn t terrible I just wasn t a fan of the style However I would still Jeden výdych koňa recommend this if youe looking to try something different because the story was sure creative It would have been than ok with the first subplot they gave us but then they added THATI m hooked The bright colour pages draw you in the art is well drawn too Particularly the buildings and backgrounds The characters are beautiful too Tetsu is kind of Eleanor, Quiet No More relatable at least for me in a couple of different ways and you have to admire his work ethic and determination He s all about the money which makes him seem kind of superficial until youealise there s a deeper meaning behind it and a purpose to it I ended up uite admiring him by the end of the volume and I want to know about him Shizu Harumichi is an interesting contrast as she s laid back and kind of messes around and he doesn t so much Well Harumichi is anyway Actual Shizu we haven t seen much of yet she seems uite shy and it s kind of adorable I did enjoy the plot twist with her and her dual personalities I didn t see it coming and I wasn t eally sure what to expect to be honest But then it turns out that it s not a personality disorder at all but a eally cool supernatural twist This volume lays the groundwork for what s going to be an interesting and entertaining series Tetsu is such a scaredy cat of all things supernatural ye. Deeper slumberTHE AWAKENINGHigh schooler Tetsu Misato is hardworking frugal and easily scared but he commits to a part time job at the mansion on the hill the one that’s ud to be haunted As he toils away he notices a building separate from the estate and the. T he finds himself in an unusual supernatural situation Shizu and her personalities as it where all contrast against each other interestingly So far I eally like Haru as well as Shizu and I m intrigued to see if there s any other personalities to be met aside from her Grandfather There s also some MYSTERY THROWN IN ABOUT TETSU S MOTHER AND THERE thrown in about Tetsu s mother and there the heartwarming friendship blossoming between Tetsu and Shizu that could lead towards omance and probably will It s certainly a fresh and interesting story so far The art is so damn pretty Don t be deceived by the beautiful front cover it s actually a pretty dark story Right up my alley Revenant romance with a horror aspect I love it Interesting start of the story I definitely want to continueeading Today s post is on

"wake up sleeping "
up Sleeping volume 1 by Megumi Morino It is 192 pages long and is published by Kodansha The cover has to the two main characters on it with Tetsu looking at the Pumpkinflowers reader and Shizu sleeping on his shoulder The intendedeader is someone who likes shojo manga Wonderful Memories of It's a Wonderful Life romance and a little spiritual subplot There is no foul language no sex and no voilence in this manga The story is told from third person close of TetsuFrom the back of the book The AwakeningHigh schooler Tetsu Misato is hardworking frugal and easily scared but he commits to a part time job at the mansion on the hill the one that sud to be haunted As he toils away he notices a building separate from the estate and the mysterious girl who lives with it Shizu Karasawa Tetsu slowly becomes enchanted by Shizu lonely smile but by their second encounter he uickly finds himself in over his head There s an unsettling feeling he can t uite shake but there s love there tooReview This is an interesting start to a shojo series Tetsu is working hard for some Green Eyed Envy reason and does not want to go to college His father wants him to and so they make a bet If Tetsu can keep his spring break job then he can work He meets Shizu and he feels sorry for her She is totally isolated from the world and something is odd about her The plot did keep me guessing I was not sure what was going on until theevel at the end of the volume I liked the characters I am on board with the plot now but until the big The A-List Diet Fitness Plan reveal I wasn t the art is good and I am very curious about how Tetsu is going to help Shizu because she has uite a problem The volume ends with Tetsu starting to be her personal housekeeper and Shizu wanting him to be her friend I am looking forward to seeing where Tetsu and Shizu are goingI give this volume a Four out of Five stars I get nothing for myeview and I bought this manga with my own money One of the best manga I ead so far Love the story love the art love the character This manga is a hidden gem. Mysterious girl who lives within it Shizu Karasawa Tetsu slowly becomes enchanted by Shizu’s lonely smile but by their second encounter he uickly finds himself in over his head There’s an unsettling feeling he can’t uite shake but there’s love there too. .
おはよう、いばら姫 1I think the execution wasn t the best even though events had to be kept secret for the eveal I m not on board with this kept secret for the The King's Cardinal: The Rise and Fall of Thomas Wolsey reveal I m not on board with this I feel terrible for the main characters but nothingeally gripped me If you like horror The Lupus Encyclopedia: A Comprehensive Guide for Patients and Families romance this is definitely something you should consider We loved this Yes okay it had multiple personalities is a terrible illness floating around in it but frankly that is what a lot of people believe and it was clear that it was not the Authorial Voice butather the character voices expressing this And it is just so fun to When I Grow Up, I'm Going to Play for the Nebraska Cornhuskers read a manga about view spoilera bunch of people sharing a body with all kinds ofealistic bits about what that s like the clutter of all the hobbies the competing interests the difficulty organising time the way Shizu wants to avoid Tetsu so she keeps making other people front it was not our experience but it was Sextus: Ou, Le Romain Des Maremmes: Suivi D'Essais Detaches Sur L'Italie: Par M. Me Hortense Allart de Therase recognisably similar to our experience and honestly that is so vanishinglyare in any media that it was just sheer delight to see it in the manga And honestly in many ways I am just as glad that the explanation for the situation was ghosts possess Shizu s body and have teamed up to mostly keep other ghosts out it avoids having to get into the clinical explanations for multiplicity it avoids dealing with a trauma history and best of all it clinical explanations for multiplicity it avoids dealing with a trauma history and best of all it sidesteps the clinical belief that a multiple is one person who is just deluded into thinking that they Die Zarin re a lot of people sharing a body Thereeally are a number of people sharing Shizu s body and Tetsu has no doubt that they are eal people with their own points of view and experiences and I just love that Other things we love the shared pool of memoryexperience that s how it works for us the clutter of all the different HOBBIES HARUMICHI S AWKWARDNESS WHEN TETSU Harumichi s awkwardness when Tetsu the way the artspeech styles combine to show who is front at any given time the fact that so many of them are boys we have a lot of boys and some of the challenges it produces We loved that Tetsu gets to be scared because it s a ghost story and he hates the occult ather than being scared of a mental illness We loved that Shizu had never been front enough to actually know what she likes or wants is slowly trying to figure it out because people here have been through that expeirence And I m sure there s things I m forgetting hide spoiler Wake Up Sleeping Beauty volume one is a very cute shoujo manga that gets kind of dark toward the end I Will Gallows and the Snake-Bellied Troll really enjoying the characters and theirelationship and how that Nosferatu relationship can go a different way once the main character knows the truth Tetsu Misato is very adorable and likeable character His interaction with his family and friends are fun and I hope there will be scenes of his father and hi. This funny and heartrendingomantic manga set in modern Tokyo is not the fairy tale you emember This time Prince Charming is a teenage janitor and Sleeping Beauty's curse is a supernatural gender bending dream that threatens to pull them both into a deeper and. .