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S Two big takeaways1 Despite the stereotypes the Marines at least philosophically embrace a highly decentralized individualized MO The book consistently drives the Marines at least philosophically embrace a highly decentralized individualized MO The book consistently drives the point that people are not interchangeable different people have different strengths teams gel over time and nobody can maintain maximum performance indefinitely They also emphasize the fact that war is highly ncertain so people need to know their long term objective not just their immediate assignment so when the immediate assignment is rendered obsolete fifteen seconds after it starts they can figure out what to do next I thought the military was top down and treated people as interchangeable the niforms and identical haircuts really threw me off 2 Attrition vs M This was a pretty good summary of current military thinking The first half of the book was just a rote repetition of the basics of Clausewitz On War with little bits of Sun Tzu and John Boyd thrown in I give him points for having clearly read them but there was no new information there The second half though was worth reading he translated a number of the concepts into concrete doctrine for the Marines and explained why Boyd s Maneuver Warfare was so successful and how to Make It So This Was it so This was after William Lind s book on Maneuver Warfare so it may not be necessary reading for those who aren t Marines looking for a book of doctrine but it does fill that role admirably Clear and concise overview of how the US Marine Corps approaches their training and battles And fascinating that it is publicly available I read how the US Marine Corps approaches their training and battles And fascinating that it is publicly available I read book for a class This book read much better than a class assignment I was blown away with the detail contained in this book If you are at all interested in the great USMC this book is a must read. R and competition have changed Warfighting's exploration of maneuver warfare takes readers beyond Sun Tzu's classic lessons and provides them a thorough nderstanding of what it takes to fight and win in the modern world Currency's edition of Warfighting features interviews with famous former Marines including F Lee Bailey Ed McMahon and Donald Regan They tell how they have sed the Marine Corps' battle strategies of strength and straightforwardness as their secret weapons in every confrontation whether at a corporate departmental or personal level.

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Goodreads regular Alex reminded me of this uote from MACHIAVELLI IT S BETTER TO BE IMPULSIVE THAN CAUTIOUS It s better to be impulsive than cautious is female and if you from Machiavelli It s better to be impulsive than cautious fortune is female and if you to stay on top of her you have to slap and thrustSince that s a poetic if vulgar summary of one tenet of Marine Corps philosophy I ll let that stand as my review of this book for now Honestly Warfighting contains some very surprising revelations that might radically change how an outsider views the hierarchy and philosophy of the US Marines It s also a double whammy since it distills Machiavelli and Sun Tzu into one rather prosaic textRead it especially if you never thought YOU WOULD EVER WANT TO READ would ever want to read such book Respond as you see fit I didn t know the marines could read let alone write Hooah This is the most efficiently written book I ve ever read It s incredibly well structured and outlines what I imagine are largely American military philosophies I was pleasantly surprised at the strategic organizational maxims that crossover to the business world especially ideas that apply to effective management and corporate leadership This is an AMAZING book probably the best book in its genre ever writtenI am not one of those military buffs but I ve long been fascinated by whether there was a theory of war that explains the why of military strategy and could put you in the mind of a top military commander This book comes as close as any I ve seenThe genius is in it s simplicity Tomes like Clausewitz s On War are long and ponderous and the justly famous Sun Tzu s The Art of War is kind of obscure and allusive but this is a very short and straightforward workThe first two sections out of four are the most relevant to a general audience They describe the general philosophy and most important strategic consider. Warfighting is an authentic American philosophy of action that will thrill the millions of fans of SunTzu's The Art of War and Musashi's T he Book of Five Rings This modern classic of strategy and philosophy is the intessential guide to prevailing in competitive situations be it war work play or daily livingSometimes life is war and sometimes business is war and sometimes you need to call in the Marines Over the past two hundred years the Marines have developed a reputation for getting the job done fearlessly boldly and taking no prisoners What be. Warfighting Marine Corps Doctrinal Publication 1 Marine Corps Doctrinal PublicationAtions in Marines approach to war fighting They then describe some of the important tactical approaches that are sed in their philosophyThe distinction between the attrition style warfare and the maneuver style is particularly interesting Generally speaking the attrition style is sheer brute strength while the maneuver style relies on speed and stealth to gain an advantage The maneuver style reuires skill and a bit of luck but if pulled off can lead to a icker victory at much lower costAnd of course for a civilian the important thing is that most of these strategic considerations apply not just to military conflict but to any sort of conflict Proof that this stuff can apply to anything I was doing my laundry as I read this and I realized that if I just washed everything that needed washing that would be attrition laundry But since I can t get that all done in one day I really need to focus get that all done in one day I really need to focus the highest priority clothes and bedding thus I found I was doing maneuver laundry Kidding aside the most interesting part of this book for me was about commanders giving their subordinates latitude to determine how to get a job done A surprisingly accurate way of thinking about the software industry Part of this short book describes the characteristics of war in a way that anyone dealing with software will تاريخ جهنم understand friction disorderncertainty complexity Another part of the book focuses on the need to engage in maneuver warfare which is characterized by decentralized command that gives the marines the speed and punch to react to novel situation which in a certain way reminds me of agile development principles A book about leadership and management from people who encounter much higher stakes problems than missing this Apple Pie Homicide - A Cozy Mystery uarter s sales projection. Tter role model for the hidden warriors in ourselves What better advice to call on when the stakes are high and sensitivity just isn't going to work Written in 1989 as a philosophical and strategic guide book for the US Marine Corps Warfighting is a worthy successor to SunTzu's The Art Of War With clarity brevity and wisdom it describes the basic forces at work in every competitive situation whether on the field of battle in the boardroom or in the courtroom With twentieth century technology and its emphasis on speed and versatility the rules of wa.

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