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Stephanie Scott s literary debut is confidently assured and stunning drawing its inspiration from a real life crime a heart breaking blend of fact and fiction immersing the reader in 1990s and contemporary Japan Scott s research of Japanese society and culture is impeccable portrayed with subtlety and nuance in its keen observations and insights an absolute necessity if the reader is unaware of its marked differences from our world with its seemingly rigid constraints and limitations With poetic and lyrical prose Scott atmospherically and vividly evokes the Japanese landscape and the city of Tokyo which is a central character in its own right in this depiction of the tragic and explosive ramifications of a

Love Affair That Is At 
affair that is at everything yet inherently doomedIn a long term marriage Osamu Satu is a disillusioned and unhappy man looking to extricate himself and divorce his wife Rina To ain the upper hand in the divorce proceedings in a country where divorce is still a blame A Shark Never Sleeps: Wheeling and Dealing with the NFL's Most Ruthless Agent game rooted inuilt and harsh custody arrangements he decides to make use of the below the radar industry of wakanesaseya a strange cultural practice of hiring someone to seduce your marriage partner He employs Kaitaro Nakamura to seduce Rina an act that will tear the family apart and ruin their future with the repercussions that follow Kaitaro sees and understands Rina intuitively in a way Satu had been unable to do in all the years he had known Rina Unaware of the machinations that lie behind Kaitaro s presence Rina becomes aware of all that she is she and Kaitaro succumb to and embark on a love affair that breaks all the rules emotions are not so easily ordered or controlled inexorably leading to murder Decades later Rina s lawyer daughter Sumiko answers a fateful phone call that reveals family secrets and brings cascading down all that she knew of herself turning to ashes all she believed was her family history In a narrative that shifts from past turning to ashes all she believed was her family history In a narrative that shifts from past present Sumiko sets out to discover who her mother was what happened to her the nature of the Japanese legal and justice system the truth and anatomy of a passionate and revelatory love and all that followed in its wake Scott s artful and considered storytelling hones into the heart and belly of Japanese culture and society its norms and attitudes the position of women family justice ethics and morality the underlying cultural acceptance of what is This is a beautiful moving captivating thought provoking and devastating story of love loss rief marriage family deception and betrayal that I have no hesitation in recommending highly Many thanks to family deception and betrayal that I have no hesitation in recommending highly Many thanks to for an ARC 45A really well written heartbreaking debut set in Japanbased on a true storyThis story shifts back and forth between the 1990 s where a man named Kaitaro is hired by the husband of Rina to seduce her so he can easily et a divorce and to 20 years later when Rina s daughter Sumiko is discovering the truth about her mother s murderThis is a crime story a love story and it also shines a light on Japanese culture and their legal system and also the despicable career of a wakaresaseya What s Left of Me is Yours Stephanie Scott s multiple award winning debut novel is a triumph of a story set against the metropolis of Tokyo Japan and which shines a light on the peculiar industry that has sprung up in relation to those in struggling marriages as well as How do I write a review for a book that is so descriptive and beautiful that it seems to have been an opera whispered This story is so meticulous researched that you forget that this a novel a story of a family and love so masterfully woven. A The Book of Leviathan gripping debut set in modern day Tokyo and inspired by a true crime for readers of Everything I Never Told You and The Perfect Nanny What's Left of Me Is Yours charts a young woman's search for the truth about her mother's life and her murder In Japan a covert industry hasrown up around the wakaresaseya literally breaker upper a person hired by one spouse to seduce the other in order to ain the advantage in divorce proceedin. What's Left of Me Is YoursHing secrets casting a career shadow The list oes on How far is too far The debate remains as the little known industry continues with scant regulationSumiko has rown up with a lie Her mother was murdered not killed in a car accident as she was told not killed in a car accident as she was told find out early that her father hired a Wakaresaseya to
Effect A Divorce And Achieve 
a divorce and achieve and custodial advantages As she traces her memories and investigates her mother s death she reconciles her past and present How did her mother die and what happenedI loved this beautiful book A luxuriant trip into an appreciated culture weaving small bits of everyday life and scenery into the story it doesn t move fast However I was captivated as I was brought to reminisce about my visit to Japan long ago Just the mention of a Bento box and lacuer chopsticks too small for a child s hand brought it to lifeThe physical copy itself was uietly resplendent in its presentation from the exuisite cover to the thick cream pages Small bamboo leaf prints and kanji within the text added nuance Lastly if you have a moment check out the author s impressive bio She s earned high praise for her research some of it in connection to this book This raceful and evocative novel told in two time frames transports you all the way to modern day Tokyo In the present we meet Rina s daughter Sumiko who when she is on the cusp of ualifying as a lawyer شرح جامع مثنوى معنوى gets a phone call from the Pri 35 starsNear the end of this book Sumiko the main character uses this Sarte uote in deciding how to move on with her life Freedom is what you do with what s been done to youThe essence of this story is the destructive power of deception and how the lies and secrets reverberate through theenerations of a Japanese family If we choose to lie to a child to protect them from the horrors of reality at what point if ever should we tell them that we lied How will the new truth affect their life choices and the narrative that they have created for themselves since childhoodWhen Sumiko was seven years old her mother was murdered but her The New Song: For the Sunday School, Societies of Christian Endeavor, and Other Religious Exercises (Classic Reprint) grandfather told her that her mother had died in a car accident Now arown woman with a new law degree Sumiko discovers the truth and she Riding Hard goes on a uest to dig up all the details of the ugly past When all is laid bare she does indeed have to choose what to do with what has been done to herThere s a semi legitimate profession in Japan that translates into something like person who breaks up relationships for a living A man who wants a favorable divorce agreement will hire such a person to seduce his wife then use the evidence toain the advantage in the divorce But what happens when the professional breaker upper falls in love with the woman he has been hired to ruin The chapters alternate between Sumiko s story and the story of her mother Rina and the man Kaitano who was hired to seduce her I was thoroughly captivated by Sumiko s chapters telling of her childhood and her present day endeavors I found myself rowing impatient with the RinaKaitano chapters and I m not sure why The evolution of their relationship is absolutely essential to the outcome but somehow the writing felt different to me If you love literary fiction don t be put off by my middling rating There s much to love about the book It s beautifully written and chock full of fascinating details about Japanese culture If you have an interest in law you ll be especially interested in the differences between the American and Japanese legal systems And it was inspired by a true storyThis was book number three in my heat wave reading marathon What s Left of Me Is Yours is an exceptional novel. Haunt her daughter's lifeTold from alternating points of view and across the breathtaking landscapes of Japan Stephanie Scott exuisitely renders the affair and its intricate repercussions As Rina's daughter Sumiko fills in the aps of her mother's story and her own memory Scott probes the thorny psychological and moral rounds of the actions we take in the name of love asking where we draw the line between passion and possession.

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You forget the crime A stunning debut of the many shades of love how the best of lies are told nearest to truth A beautiful beautiful book that defies enre and my words There is a crime There is betrayal There is love There is history This is truly an epic meticulously and lovingly researched with such exuisite description and detail that I read the same lines over many Times There Are Thought Provoking Observations Unforgettable Characters And Heart There are thought provoking observations unforgettable characters and heart decisions that set in motion catastrophic events I will not forget this book for a long time A story of love and betrayal here s another novel that doesn t fit cleanly into one Der Verlorene Koffer: A Graded Reader for Beginning Students genre Inspired by a real crime What s Left of Me Is Yours is a mystery where we already know the killer a romance that sours and a family drama located in the heart of Tokyo I had no knowledge of the wakaresaseya profession before beginning but trust that Stephanie Scott is an expert not only in the real case that inspired the book but seemingly the entire Japanese legal system as wellI really have to take a moment to mention how different Japan s criminal justice process is from our own I mean one of the biggest flaws in the American system is how inconsistently people are treated across the board In Japan they seem to have the inverse problem preventing discrimination through absolutes and rigidity It s all obviously a lot nuanced than that and as someone who s really only vaguely familiar with one set of national laws I m not really euipped to dissect those intricacies But from this perspective I can t really wrap my head around some of the tenants in Japanese law Basically if I everet arrested in Japan I ll have to call Scott to bail me outThis novel moves uietly but with enormous intent I almost felt as though I was reading two different books simultaneously which in a way I was The story of Rina and Kaitar is a slow burn that we already know ends in tragedy It s suspenseful not just because of its risly outcome but because of the precariousness of their budding relationship There s a muted menace waiting just around the corner of every romantic outing or forbidden tryst even if it s not referred to directly In present day Rina s daughter Sumiko Is Unraveling The Mystery Of unraveling the mystery of mother s Death It S Not It s not the details are unknown to authorities they re just out of reach for her While not your typical thriller the tension as both narratives slowly find their way towards one another makes for plenty of revelationsIt s fascinating and shrewd Well paced but definitely a slow burn These are some of my favorite kinds of books to read but I always et nervous they ll be misunderstood by a reader who s American Literature Student Text going by a 5 word blurb I d recommend taking your time while reading this one enjoy the scenes Scott paints of both metropolitan and rural Japan so artfully There s plenty to appreciate here and I really loved having somewhere to travel to while being stuck indoors during this uarantine Thanks to Doubleday Books Netgalley for an advance copy Aishitimasu An expression of romantic love not meant for a book but I really did love thisWhat to do when love ends or was never there in the first placeMaybe you d like to end a professional relationshipThe solution in Japanese society could involve a Wakaresaseya which is an agent for hire who discretely breaks partnerships apart A sordid business it is using unethical practices toain favorable positioning for the person initiating the splitAfter obtaining a client contract the Wakaresaseya studies the subject to plan a strategy Spouses may be drawn into affairs business ties uietly severed by uneart. Gs When Satō hires Kaitarō a wakaresaseya agent to have an affair with his wife Rina he assumes it will be an easy case But Satō has never truly understood Rina or her desires and Kaitarō's job is to do exactly that until he does it too well While Rina remains ignorant of the circumstances that brought them together she and Kaitarō fall in a desperate singular love setting in motion a series of violent acts that will forever. ,

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