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What the Wind KnowsOres in Ireland back then One woman was giving Anne directions when she arrives in Dromahair The woman was in her 80s I think and she told her to travel 3 kilometres Ireland used miles for many years before changing to metric and I know that my Mam who would have been around the same age 8090 would never have said kilometre She would still have used miles I think there was one thing The name Sean O Connell my name not the Sean obviously but the O Connell and there was no s ne fada accent on the a ie Se n I have ived in Brussels Belgium for 30 years but still have my Irish standards When my son was born I told my husband not to come back from registering his name with the Fancy Strut local Commune without the fada on his name Se n He didn tet me down and it annoys me to see the name without the fada I know I know I am nitpicking Death in Ireland meant a Northern California: A History and Guide - From Napa to Eureka life in Ireland not aife as an immigrant somewhere else It s funny Having being an immigrant now for 30 years it is great that my two sons are now in college in Ireland one in Galway his father s Alma Mater and one in Dublin Then again we instilled their Irish heritage into them from a very young age Read Irish stories to them Unbreathed Memories listened to Irish music brought them home ateast 2 or 3 times per year threatened them with the wooden spoon fed them Guinness from a young age you get my drift B al na mBl th There are too many ost souls in Ireland because of politics Collins Yeats Sligo the author said she fell in ove with Michael Collins while researching and writing the book I think I did too poor Mick Don t go near the water oveStay away from strand or seaYou cannot walk on water ove the A Sally Lockhart Mystery 2 lough will take you far from me You can take the girl out of Ireland but you cannot take Ireland out of the girl Where apples still grow in NovemberWhere blossoms still bloom from each treeWhereeaves are still green in NovemberIt s then that our I Love My Dad land will be freeI wander her hills and her valleysAnd still through my sorrows I seeAand that has never known freedomAnd only her rivers run freeI drink to the death of her manhoodThose men who rather have diedThan to All about Us live in the cold chains of bondageTo bring back their rights were deniedOh were are you now when we need youWhat burns were the flame used to beAre you goneike the snow of ast winterAnd will only our rivers run freeHow sweet is the ife but we re cryingHow mellow the wine but its dryHow fragrent the rose but its dyingHow gentle the breeze but it sighsWhat good is in youth when its agingWhat joy is in eyes that can t seeWhen there s sorrow in sunshine and flowersAnd still only our rivers run free Mickey MacConnell FIVE STARSARC Generously Provided by Author Don t go near the water Noni Speaks Up love Stay away from strand or sea You cannot walk on waterove The Handbags and Gladrags lough will take you far from me I was aittle nervous about reading this book I m not a fan of Historical Romances and history I was a ittle nervous about reading this book I m not a fan of Historical Romances and history me to sleep iterally The majority of the plot of WHAT THE WIND KNOWS is deeply to sleep iterally The majority of the plot of WHAT THE WIND KNOWS is deeply in history and I am not going to ie I struggled to get through most of the book BUT Amy Harmon is a truly gifted author and I decided to see this through to the end I am so glad that I did because within the pages of this book is a beautiful ove story that is fantastical and transcends space timeAnne Gallagher love story that is fantastical and transcends space timeAnne Gallagher a famous author from New York in the year 2001 When her beloved grandfather dies she journeys to his homeland of Ireland to spread his ashes on the Lough in the town he was born This was his ast reuest before he passed away Anne was so overcome by her grief because all she had was her grandfather He raised her since she was six when her parents died Anne rents a ittle boat and rows out to the middle of the Lough to release Eoin s ashes and somehow a white fog appears She s disoriented frightened and somehow ends up getting shot and nearly drowns until she is pulled out to safety When she comes to she sees the face of a man who ooks familiar but can t place where she has seen him before She s in and out of consciousness due to the bullet wound but once she finally comes to she Renovations: A Father and Son Rebuild a House and Rediscover Each Other learns somehow she has miraculously ended up in her grandfather s childhood home and the year is 1921 The man who saved her is Thomas Smith a close friend to her great grandfather and great grandmother and surrogate father to her grandfather EoinThe story is told through Anne s POV and through Thomas s POV in his journal entries The history of the Irish Civil War is accounted extensively throughout Thomas s POV and oh how I found it hard to stay awake As the romance slowly starts to blossom between Thomas and Anne the history was still a huge focal point but theirove story was what grabbed a hold of my heart How would these two be able to Richard Nixon: The Life live theirives full of I Am Cow, Hear Me Moo! love and happy memories when they were from different time periods Would the present take Anne away from the only trueove she s ever experienced How will their story endSo much angst and sorrow I oved the bond between Anne and the child version of Eoin her grandfather The beautiful stories she wrote for him about his journeys to different places and times via his ittle red boat on the Lough were magical I really ended up Puppet Master loving this storyHere are my overall ratingsHero 5Heroine 5Plot 5Angst 5Steam 3Chemistry Between Hero Heroine 5WHAT THE WIND KNOWS releases on March 1st I m sure Amy Harmon fans are going to fall inove with Thomas and Anne s story. Tensions rise Thomas joins the struggle for Ireland’s independence and Anne is drawn into the conflict beside him Caught between history and her heart she must decide whether she’s willing to Swoon: The Heartthrob Activity Book for Good Color-Inners as Well as Beginners let go of theife she knew for a ove she never thought she’d find But in the end is the choice actually hers to mak. I can only revel in all its gloriousness this uote describes exactly how i feel about this story i ove it so much that i feel changed but mine is a subtle change the change that comes to all readers as they uietly but surely make room in their hearts for a new favourite story and my heart now holds even ove for ireland ive always ove ireland its people and its culture so this story definitely calls me no country has a perfect history but there is something about irelands history that i have found beautiful even in the midst of turmoil and this book definitely shows the certain hope and ove that can be found in uncertain times AH has once again tugged at my heartstrings and made me fall in ove with her writing her characters and her stories all over again 5 stars We turn memories into stories and if we don t we ose them If the stories are gone then the people are gone too There are some paths that inevitably ead to heartache some acts that steal men s souls eaving them wandering forever after without them trying to find what they Why Diets Make Us Fat lost Soooooooo I m going to reread this book at aater d DNF 34%This is reading Dont Hex with Texas (Enchanted, Inc., like a history book A really boring history book But somehow the author also manages to make references to thingspeople during this time period as if the reader already knew all about it which I absolutely did not and thus had to Wikipedia things Then the parts that do not focus on the Irish War of Independence instead focused on exciting things such as going shopping for clothing and toiletries I just can t force myself to read this any So disappointing considering how much I really enjoyed From Sand and Ash and The Bird and the Sword Simply put MagnificentMy first Amy Harmon read and I absolutely get it now I absolutely get why this author s writings are so beloved She pens a gorgeous unforgettable romance If all menoved their wives the way I Spanish Dagger (China Bayles, love Anne we would all be a uselessot While I went into this blind and highly recommend you do as well I will tell you this is a historical romance and a time travel read The setting is Ireland beginning in the year 1916 I share this information because I stay away from the time travel genre BUT what an exception this was to my usual experience It was completely mesmerizingI also Everyday life in medieval times listened to this book It was the first time I heard a dual narration And WOW I didn t want it to endOn a personal note Iive in a town settled by many Irish immigrants and found it fascinating that it was was named after an area of Dublin mentioned numerous times this book Mount Joy I started this book with a ittle bit of trepidation Irish setting Irish Politics and History Irish characters Time travel although I did read Outlander and LOVED IT You know me by now if it is not done right I will get on my high Irish horse about it I didn t even have to put my foot in the stirrup or even take the horse from the stable I LOVED stirrup or even take the horse from the stable I LOVED Especially the history By the end of the story my heart was breaking and I was in tears not so much for the characters in the book for the real characters who did exist in the early 1900s and ived and died for Ireland The history after the 1916 Easter Rising is just a garbled mess of opinions and blame The book is heavily referenced with the poetry of William Butler Yeats a favourite poet of mine I of William Butler Yeats a favourite poet of mine I my childhood summers in Sligo which is the neighbouring county to Leitrim where this book is set Sligo is also where Yeats is buried We had books with his poetry in the house We often visited Lough Gill one year we even took a boat out onto the Lough what an adventure that was not a ifejacket in sight visited Lisadell House I wanted to be the Gazelle Sligo Town Lyons shop what a memory When my own children were born myself and himself brought them to Sligo too visited the grave of Yeats on many occasion I am sure they would kill me if they thought I was posting their picture here The book is set mostly in the 1920s where Anne has travelled back to Ireland To Dromahair the homeland of her ancestors Tragedy make for great stories We meet the eaders of the fight for freedom for Ireland Michael Collins in particular or Mick as he was called Michael Collins is either revered or reviled in Ireland Irish politics was complicated It still is I spent 3 days in Dublin Dead Giveaway last week where my son is studying for a Master s Degree in Irish History at Trinity College sorry I just have to name drop we visited Kilmainham Gaol Glasnevin Cemetary The Gresham Hotel all of these places are mentioned in the book He wants me to take the fall when it fails Didn t he just the bastardI wish they had taken the key and thrown it away when they put DeValera in his cell in Kilmainham Born in New York ye can have him He wasn t executed with the rest of the Easter Risingeaders Always a wily fucker he was I have come to terms with the fact that idealism often rewrites history to suit her narrative The truth is the English are not all tyrants and the Irish are not all saints Enough blood has been cast to condemn us all but Ireland deserves her independence So you are wondering if I did have any criticism of the book well maybe one or two but I could be completely wrong I didn t do the research I am not a historian I am Andrew Lost In the Kitchen leaving that to my son who is studying at Trinity College Dublin did I mention that already there is a reference to a Ferguson s Drugstore in Sligo I don t think pharmacies would have been referred to drugst. Dge of war is a dangerous place in which to awaken But there Anne finds herself hurt disoriented and under the care of Dr Thomas Smith guardian to a young boy who is oddly familiar Mistaken for the boy’song missing mother Anne adopts her identity convinced the woman’s disappearance is connected to her ownAs. .
5 stars This book was something special uite frankly it s the first book in a while that blew me away The storytelling is magical and it s such a heart wrenching yet beautiful tale I am such a fan of time traveling in books especially when it s done well and this was done so well It s a historical romance and I can tell Amy did her research This book was well thought out smart enthralling and fascinating I oved it so much Yes I told you You told me And you will tell me again Only the wind knows which truly comes first This story starts with Anne Gallagher at her dying grandfather s side Her heart is broken Eoin isn t just Anne s grandfather He s her confidant her best friend and he raised her After Eoin passes he wishes for Anne to take him back to the one place they ve never traveled Back to his hometown in Ireland Anne is grieving but also excited to be here She feels closer to Eoin than ever As she goes to spread his ashes as she promised something strange happens Anne finds herself not in the current twenty first century but in the 1920 s She finds herself back at the same place Eoin grew up only Thomas Smith the doctor that helped raise Eoin is there and Anne is mistaken from her great grandmother who she is a dead ringer for Anne can t explain herself her great grandmother had been missing for some time and it s a very complicated situation As time passes Anne becomes used to Nope living in this other time period The time she spends with Thomas the she never wants toeave Sigh Thomas This man was gentle kind generous and the best kind of hero I didn t know how a happy ending between these two could come to fruition but I hoped with all my heart they got the happiness they both deserved Thomas I moaned into his mouth Yes he murmured his body thrumming beneath my hands I want to stay I panted Anne he demanded swallowing my sighs and caressing my cares away Yes Please don t go I don t want to talk much about the past present or Rejected Rejected Rejected logistics It s better to read that for yourself and see I will say that the way the author wrote it made sense in the best way it could Everything is connected everything that happened happened for a reason and at the right time It may not seem that way but it did It was completely seamless This book was a stunning ro When you fall inove in the past is there such a thing as tomorrow What the Wind Knows a historical romance set in Ireland s 1920 s will be released in hardcover on February 1 2019 and in paperback ebook and audiobook on March 1 2019Pre order available onKINDLE HARDCOVER PAPERBACK AUDIO and in MP3 Anne 1921She is the same but not the same at all You must read the book Annie Promise me you Listening: The Last Poems of Margaret Avison ll read the book Heoves you so much and he s been waiting SO LONG I PAUSED OVER A long I paused over a of a grand house with trees clustered around the edges and a glimmer of ake in the distance What is with trees clustered around the edges and a glimmer of ake in the distance What is place I asked breathless That is Garvagh Glebe Someday your great great grandchildren will come to Ireland They will walk up the hill where you are Buck: A Memoir laid to rest and they will sit by the stone that bears your name They will know that this was your home and because it is your home it is theirs as wellThat is what Ireland doesIt calls her children home Thomas Smith was the kind of man who would slip into and out of a room without drawing much attention He wasn toud or obtrusive even as he moved and acted with an innate confidence He was simply Thomas Smith as ordinary as his name and yet not ordinary at all Read the story behind the storyPre order available onKINDLE HARDCOVER PAPERBACK AUDIO and in MP3Copyright Amy Harmon WEBSITE FACEBOOK TWITTER INSTAGRAM BOOKBUB NEWSLETTER 5 STARS Such a beautiful story What The Wind Knows will always have a special place in my heartHer book took me on an imaginary journey I didn t want to endIt s a fantasticuniue captivating and intense storyDo you know why I Oh, the Things They Invented!: All About Great Inventors love Amy Harmon s books Because they are pure perfectionAlways with original storiesThis story is full of emotions my heart was beating hard and I was anxious to see what will happenIoved the characters so much and especially the bond they haveThere are some really intense and emotional moments between them This a must read an unforgettable story that will stay with you foreverPrepare your heart for an emotional and touching story This is so poetic Yikes, Vikings! (Canadian Flyer Adventures Series lyrical heart warming exciting journey starts with the mythical story of Niamh and Oisin continues with time changing moments of Irish Revolution and we re catching glimpses from Michael Collinsife story and his fight for freedom and finally witnessing an unconditional timeless amazing Five Days Left love story of Anne and Thomas This journey s the most important element is water which departs and unites our heroes There are so many amazing Yeats poems you may find in this book but my favorite part is written on Thomas diary I watch mesmerized as her skin becomes smooth once my touch forgotten I veeft a smudge in the crook of her arm There is ink on my fingers I Searching for Robert Johnson like the way itooks my thumbprint on her skin If I were a better artist I would paint her in thumbprints Blood on Silk leaving my mark in my all favorite places a testament of my devotion T S will always be my favoriteiterary hero And this will always be one of my favorite Amy Harmon s bookbloginstagramfacebooktwitter i ove her with an intensity i didnt think myself capable of yeats writes about being changed utterly i am changed utterly irrevocably and. Anne Gallagher grew up enchanted by her grandfather’s stories of Ireland Heartbroken at his death she travels to his childhood home to spread his ashes There overcome with memories of the man she adored and consumed by a history she never knew she is pulled into another timeThe Ireland of 1921 teetering on the ,