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Her it will strengthen them and their resolve to make it through I like to start with a disclaimer I have never dealt with sexual However I have dealt with verbal and emotional abuse Reading this book I was shocked at how many different reactions to abuse there can be and how any abuse victim can be an exhibitor of the reaction This book helped me to see what my reactions tend to be and how I can chance those to keep from hurting others If ou know of anyone in our life who was affected by any abuse definitely read this book Some times we have to do just that with a Emotional Wound Too That Brings wound too That brings to the second part of my learning This was lessons I have learned in my past But my Dear Hubby had to also learn some of them to help both of us be stronger for it When A Woman You Love Was Abused is a wonderful guide to helping a husband help her overcome childhood sexual molestation These are deep deep deep wounds and they will surface when ou least expect them too Sometimes ou have to know just what kind of loving support will help them heal faster Having someone to lean on that understands is a major relief I could not ask for a understanding husband And I am now at the point that I tend to leave that wound untouched scarred over and as much as possible in the past Trying to reach out to the husbands of abused women the author draws on her own experiences and those of women she s counseled Of course their wives will also benefit from reading about others like them and about how they may be trying to heal The book is divided into sections which focus on the emotions loneliness and depression that survivors of sexual abuse feel on the healing process and on how husbands can help I ve never experienced abuse myself but Scott Jones writing and advice seemed intuitive and balanced As early as page 12 she cautions husbands that the journey will be exhausting and daunting The author warns them that their struggling wives will turn to thembut might also turn on themThe experiences the coping skills the suppression of feelings the memories and triggers there are so many aspects surrounding the conseuences of the cruel crime that these women suffered through Scott Jones discusses them all I had to read and skim the chapter dealing with forgiveness a few times It s so incomprehensible to me that the victimizer "should ever be forgiven Yet this is a step toward healing Even God must be forgiven and " ever be forgiven Yet this is a step toward healing Even God must be forgiven and uotes are used to illustrate the precedent for having the capacity to forgive such an evil The book is well written heartfelt advice however even with excellent guidance I wonder if many men would be able to support and break through the lack of trust and the hurt these women must feel I hope so Four Stars I read the book I also had my husband read it These are his wordsDawn Scott s book called When a Woman You Love Has Been Abused was a great look into the lives of women that have been abused and they way they live their everyday lives My wife was abused as a child and she reacts almost exactly to how some of the women in this book did The anger not wanting to be touched and the way that everyday objects could trigger reactions from them was a keen insight into what they have gone and are going through daily I have a greater understanding of what my wife is going through because of this book When A Woman You Love Was Abused is written to direct husband s on how to deal with and help their wife triumph over sexual abuse The book proved and supported the heartbreaking facts with statistics that were very eye opening One in three girls have encountered sexual abuse For boys the statistics are vague Some estimates reflect numbers as high as one in three boys to one in seven boys encountering sexual abuse or unwanted sexual contact Th. N moves to an honest discussion of what husbands can do to help Whether it's creating a healing environment understanding the need for control building trust or even just praying for healing a husband plays an active role in helping his wife survive and thrive despite her past abuseOffering hope for a healthy marriage relationship When a Woman You Love Was Abused answers the uestions men have and offers the advice they need to help their wives finally find peac. .

On the causes and effects of abuse as well as the healing stages this book is as the healing stages This book is very situation specific but to those men who find themselves in that place this book is a God send Dawn Scott Jones in her book When a Woman You Love Was Abused has written a superb comprehensive guide for husbands to help their wives overcome the after effects of childhood sexual abusemolestation in their marriage It s deep it s personal and it s in depthDawn has written her book in three parts Understanding the Survivor uniueness stolen innocence circumstances of the abuse dealing with the emotions replacing the lies image of God and sexual intimacy Understanding the Healing Process healing stages denial deciding to heal remembering and surviving crisis talking grieving anger forgiving How You The Husband Can Help fostering a healing environment understanding her needs building trust praying for her support for the husband uestions finding peaceAll three sections describe in intricate detail the issues as they may unfold delineating the common symptoms women display and how the husband can understand address and deal with them be empathetic and validating and get support for himself Though the issue of counseling isn t directly dealt with I feel it s a given from reading the book What makes the information so pertinent and realistic is the fact that the author has gone through abuse herselfThough the book is written with husbands in mind I found the book helpful for the abused woman as well helping her understand her behaviors and some of the necessary steps she will need to go through Both parties may be bewildered by the circumstances that unfold as she starts remembering the abuse I would venture that this information could possibly help her work through the issues uickly or at least be aware of what is transpiringThough the steps to healing may be difficult I found Dawn s book opens the door for hope as she shares her testimony With both spouses being aware of the complications and issues there is opportunity of restoration in their marriageDawn is clear that God is an every present guide and hope throughout the healing process with prayer being an essential componentThis is a must have if our wife s childhood sexual abuse issues are rearing their heads in our marriageThere is a complementary book if the husband has also been abused Check out When a Man You Love Was Abused by Cecil MurphyThis book was provided free by Amy Lathrop and Christen Krumm of the Litfuse Publicity Group in exchange for my honest opinion No monetary compensation was exchanged I m not sure how much I m comfortable talking about this book It hits very close to home and very few people are aware of just how close it hits This book is a huge eye opener for me showing me that perhaps I m not as healed from my own past as I ve believed It has also served to make me see that while it was mild in comparison to what others have been through my experience is no less valid No less abhorrent No less damaging And it has made me see that it S Time I Started Seeking Counseling Something I Ve Been time I started seeking counseling something I ve been for a few ears now But I think this has made it urgent for meI cannot guess how a husband might react to this book but I can tell ou that I m going to attempt to get my husband to read it I find I suddenly understand myself a lot better than ever before and I m confident that this will help him to better understand me too The biggest hurdle for me is getting him to actually read it Still for those men out there who are determined to do whatever it takes to help their wife a survivor of sexual abuse heal and move on I think this is a valuable resource As briefly discussed here I think the abuse survivor could also benefit from reading this Perhaps if a couple reads this toget. Powerless to control her inner turmoilAuthor pastor and survivor Dawn Scott Jones candidly shares her own abuse experience to help husbands understand the varied emotions fears distorted thoughts and triggers that hold their wives captive In practical and accessible language Jones explains the stages of the healing journey processing denial asking for help grieving expressing anger learning to forgive and finding resolution Building on that knowledge Jones the. I know that I don t usually read or review non fiction but every once in awhile I ll come across a book that sparks an review non fiction but every once in awhile I ll come across a book that sparks an in me and when I got the host invite from Litfuse Publicity I thought I should give this one a try This was a short and compact read therefore I m going to try to keep my book short simple and to the point It is no secret that there are many cases of reported molestation taking place not only in the US but everywhere in the world As the ears have gone by and opinions have change people are now speaking out against their abusers This work of non fiction is not so much a how to guide to me but of a might do guide What I found most surprising was that the book was neither preachy or forceful in the way that Dawn provided tips pointers and ideas for the husbands partners and boyfriends who may read this book in hopes of helping them understand and be apt at responding to their abused partner I found that although the topic was a somber one that the author made an effort not to dwell on the dark side of abuse but on the uplifting parts where she would provide pointers on how to help The Summer I Wasn't Me your mate if she has been abused by being there for her The fact that the author herself was an abuse victim made the book all that real because it is not written by someone who has never experienced the horrific trials of molestation This was an insiders view into how a victim may thinket the author stresses that not all victims are a like there for the majority of helping Khaiye Aur Vajan Ghataiye your wife is to make sure she knows thatou re willing to help if Tales from a Pilots Logbook you can work onour relationship and her past abuse together Overall it was an enlightening read one that is easily accessible to the common person Unlike many other works on this subject it was written plainly without frills which for me was an added bonus The fact that this book could
help people because people are able to understand what is being said is a great change I would highly recommend this book to anyone who knows someone who may have been molested because I can see many of the tips are transferable and can be used to help those who are not our spouseI received a free copy in exchange for my free and honest review I was not compensated in any way and all thoughts and opinions expressed therein are my own First of all I have never been abused although my mom was abused as a child but that is another story The issue of child abuse is something that always angers me and it is prevalent than what most people realize It is also not something that a woman can get over uickly It is something that infiltrates so much of her life and her husband is the one who may struggle than anyone elseI am glad to see a book that is written to men to help their wives heal from abuse The nice thing about the book is that it speaks to anyone not just men It addresses issues that will directly affect the man but I think anyone who knows a woman who has been abused can benefit from this book I was pleased to see real stories and the author herself even opened up I think this book can also help people who are trying to counsel and help women through these awful painful memories Even I was enlightened as to why my mother was a peacemaker as I was growing up That certainly caught my attention And I also love that this book is told from a Christian viewpoint very importantI was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review I was not financially compensated and all opinions are 100 percent mine I was never Sexually abused but unfortunately I have loved ones and friends who have and I hurt for all of them As a Pastor I read this book to try and get a better understanding of the subject and become a better counselor This book was very well written and detailed filled with information. About the Book The US Department of Health and Human Services reports that 80 percent of childhood abuse victims later suffer from at least one abuse induced psychological disorder It's proven that the effects of childhood abuse follow women into adulthood Yet few men are prepared to deal with those effects even when their own wife is the one who is suffering And their wife's suffering becomes their own suffering as their needs aren't being met by a wife who is. ,

When A Woman You Love Was Abused