E–pub/Pdf [When Thoughts and Prayers Arent Enough] ¶ Taylor S. Schumann

When Thoughts and Prayers Arent EnoughTaylor Schumann never thought she'd be a victim of gun violence But one spring day Man With A Shotgun man with a shotgun her workplace and opened fire on her While she survived she was left with ermanent wounds both visible and invisible In When Thoughts and Prayers Aren't Enough Taylor invites us to see what it means to be a survivor after the news vehicles drive away and the media moves on Healing is slow and complicated As she. ,

Suffered through surgeries grueling rehabilitation and to repair THE PHYSICAL INJURIES AND EMOTIONAL TRAUMA SHE CAME FACE physical injuries and emotional trauma she came face face with the deep and lasting impact of gun violence As she began grappling with the realities Taylor experienced another ainful truth Christians have largely been absent from this issue Gun violence undercuts God's vision of abundant life and community and the silence of the church rings.
Loudly in the ears of survivors and families of victims Taylor weaves her own incredible story of survival and recovery into a larger conversation about gun violence In Our Country With our country With and honesty she encourages readers to
reconsider their own 
their own with the issue and to join her in envisioning a hopeful safer future for our nation Move beyond thoughts and rayers and enter into grace filled dialogue and acti.