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White Moon on the Mountain Peak

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Teresting brief insights into further themes of eastern philosophy beliefs and practices that stimulates the readers appetite for Damo s propensity to articulate his views and facts objectively is a rare skillBe that stimulates the readers appetite for Damo s propensity to articulate his views and facts objectively is a rare skillBe to revisit specific chapters and sections of this book throughout your practiceAs is the case with all his other books on my shelf they re dust freeI would suggest that new readers begin with Damo s earlier works to ensure a better theoretical nderstanding andor practical foundation as a prereuisiteInsightful personal and juicy Another course please I appreciated that the book is.
 A Closely 
N a closely secretDrawing together a huge amount of esoteric on the hidden aspects of Daoist practice he presents theory and practice coherently for western practitioners He of. I loved Damo s book I ordered it because I read that Jason Gregory wrote the foreword and knew I could trust that this book was going to be a must have I was Sanctum Angels (Shadow Havens unfamiliar with nei dan and this helped menderstand it at a deep level I m extremely grateful that Damo wrote this book What a delicious readDamo has once again encapsulated and distilled the profound ancient Daoist wisdom into clear and concise languageThis book not only provides a rich theoretical background to Nei Dan and alchemical processes But A Detailed Practical a detailed practical of Damo s personal experiences and journeyThis book includes in. Explaining the process and energetics of Daoist internal alchemy the author describes in detail the practice of Nei Dan the alchemical firing practice of Daoism that has ntil very recently bee. Based on the author s own experiences rather than just an academic theoretical of own experiences than just an academic theoretical description of texts It is cl This is an excellent book which explores the alchemical firing process of Nei Gong and how it works It s not a book for beginners and it reuires that
You Already Have Some 
already have some with Taoist meditation practices I read this book and clearly nderstood some of it and some of it I realized I needed to go back and get some experience The author does present the information clearly but its important that you have the reuisite experience to fully implement and comprehend this book. Fers his own experiences of each stage of attainment describing the tangible results that should appear and provides guidance on the practicalities and potential pitfalls of alchemical training. ,

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