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Wickedly They Come The Wickedly #1

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R team whose lives are devoted to fighting Lucifer s minions on earth and warning anyone who ll listen about the ever present dangers they face Seeley and Jordan are complex and believable characters as are their two guardian angels Zeke and Markus Wickedly They Come is also a coming of age story as it shows the previously home schooled young woman interacting with her peers for just about the first time Constantine s battle seuences are dynamic and a lot of fun to follow and her about the first time Constantine s battle seuences are dynamic and a lot of fun to follow and her are suitably awful and terrifying This is a
Well Written Fantasy Which While 
written fantasy which while Christian based is suitable for contemporary fantasy readers regardless of their religious background It s well written has outstanding characters and a convincing plot Wickedly They Come The Wickedly Series Book 1 is highly recommended Wickedly They Come is an awesome nnerving and riveting YA paranormal thrillerI m not going to discuss the plot which pulled me right in after the first few pages since it s been done The story revolves around the mother and daughter duo Seeley and Jordan Chase who try to bring down an evil and vicious adversaryMs Constantine delves deeper into the good versus evil trope with brilliant execution and some heart stopping moments that had me on the edge of my seat I loved it And that it had a bit of romance was right p my alley I fell for the gorgeous angel Markus along with the heroine and I hope to see him in the next book which I plan on reading after thisAn amazing read with an eerie and suspenseful ending I completely agree with the other reviews in that it was so exciting and difficult to put down This book is an excellent debut young adult novel with plenty of action packed Fight Scenes Some Romance And scenes some romance and twist on the classic good vs evil plot Highly recommend for anyone looking for a tale centered around girl power Although Wickedly They Come is categorized as young adult I enjoyed it and I think any adult who loves paranormal genre will enjoy it First of all the heroine of the story may be only sixteen but she has the depth and strength of an adult and at times has to make decisions like one She is likable than her mother Seeley in this readers humble opinion I have to say that all the characters were very well written Jordanas well as Jordan s frienemy Ronan and all the supporting characters are interesting and believable This novel has it all nonstop action angels demons and a kick ass heroine who just longs to be a normal teenager but has by virtue of her birth been given extraordinary abilities and basically been charged with saving humanity It ends in a cliffhanger and I can not wait to read what happens next Wickedly They Come is an intense dark won t want to put it down ntil you get to the end kind of novel It was the sort of story that had me thinking and asking Smitten uestions as I read I was always happy to see myestions answ. Mselves in peril when a wicked sorcerer is determined to fulfill the prophecy to his lord Lucifer After an ominous vision of spirits inhabiting teenagers in a local school Jordan enrolls in the social culture of teendom at Elm. Ok like I said on CW network needs to this author Love this series I read the second book first and I just had to get Wickedly they come to get me A White Slave in Turkey Book 1 - A BDSM Novel up to speed I did receive both of these books for free to give an honest review But I would have paid for them both Thanks Cathy Amazing action scenes and tension I couldn t stop reading because I was constantly saying oh no oh no oh NOOOO I love the world Constantine has created of angels and demons plus a touch of teenage angst If our tough girl heroine Jordan thought being a warrior was tough try high school right She s such a brave likable character as is darling Markus and sexy Thrill This book kept me guessing for sure and stressed out in a good way I can t wait to read the seuel Wickedly They Come is a fast paced and dark thriller and an impressive debut from Cathrina ConstantineThe story centers around teenager Jordan and her mother Seeley both of whom are agents for good in the endless battle against evil Joined in the fight by their own personal guardian angels Seeley and Jordan are tenacious warriors against Lucifer and his demonsJordan reminded me of one of my favorite teen heroines of all time Buffy Summers from Buffy the Vampire Slayer Jordan struggles between accepting her warrior destiny and simply wanting to be a normal teenage girl who dates and attends school dances She s not perfect and she makes mistakes that sometimes land her in trouble Jordan s a typical teenager who just happens to be charged with stopping the forces of evilThe stakes are incredibly high in this battle and the suspense heatsp with each turn of the page The story ends with a chilling and 1898 unexpected twist that perfectly setsp the next book in this sagaI can t wait to see what Constantine has in store for her readers next Review Rating5 stars Download your free 5 Star SealReviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers FavoriteWickedly They Come The Wickedly Series Book 1 is a Christian based young adult contemporary fantasy written by Cathrina Constantine Jordan was a young child when she and her mother Seeley confronted The Black Order in an attempt to rescue Jack Jordan s father and Seeley s husband Asa Trebane was furious with Jack who had been his protege ntil he renounced his allegiance to the devil While Jack died despite their best efforts they were protege ntil he renounced his allegiance to the devil While Jack died despite their best efforts they were able to release him from the cross he d been nailed pon As he lay dying he told them where to find his manuscript and his guardian angel told Seeley and Jordan about Jack s struggles against the proliferation of satanic cults With the help of their guardian angels the mother and daughter continue his efforts however Asa Trebane still considers Jordan his to consecrate to LuciferCathrina Constantine s young adult contemporary paranormal fantasy Wickedly They Come The Wickedly Series Book 1 is a fast paced and action packed story about a motherdaughte. A Gripping Dark Paranormal ThrillerA Destined Prophecy along with haunting visions and supernatural talents are the norm for the sixteen year old Jordan and her mother Seeley Together with their formidable angels they find the.
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Ered later on in the novel which made me smile because Ms Constantine had set me pJordan and her mother Seely were wonderful characters and I found myself liking and rooting for them They grew as individuals by the ending of the book and I enjoyed the transition Saving humanity was their main focus and they took their destinies seriouslyDealing with a teenager even one who is a warrior "and can kick demon ass can be difficult Ms Constantine portrayed this wonderfully More than once I wanted to take "can kick demon ass can be difficult Ms Constantine portrayed this wonderfully More than once I wanted to take by the nape of the neck and steer her in the direction she should go but as a stubborn teenager she had to make mistakes and then live with the conseuencesI wasn t expecting the book to have romance but I got some and it made me happy Almost as happy as the vivid fight scenesOne issue I had with the novel was the Vérité (Love at Center Court, use of the omnipresent point of view But once I got the grasp of what Ms Constantine was doing it was easier to adjust to as the novelnfoldedIf you are looking for a novel filled with action teenage angst good versus evil and yes a little bit of romance then Wickedly They Come is for you An interesting story but a little confusing in places with a lot of characters It felt a bit like I was starting in the middle of a series Jordan doesn t make a very convincing heroine For someone with such power she seems so careless and often makes things worse instead of helping I enjoyed the different relationships she had with her possible boyfriend Thrill and her angel MarcusI received this audiobook at no cost from Audiobookworm Promotions The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it Wickedly They Come by Cathrina Constantine is dark ominous YA thriller I love dark And Ominous And It S ominous and it s for older YA and adult readersThe story revolves Seeley love that name and her daughter Jordan Jack Seeley s husband and Jordan s father belonged to The Black Order then abruptly changed his alliance after falling in love and having a daughter This doesn t set well with the evil powers that be at the Black Order and after Jack s death they want Jordan to be consecrated as their own It s now p to Seeley and Jordan to fight them with the help of two angels Mark and Zeke I don t give away spoilers or too much of the plot in my reviews but this was a fast paced action packed story sprinkled with humor The characters were well developed both good and evil adult and teenager Ms Constantine nailed her writing of normal teenage angst Jordan must deal with a new school trying to fit Constantine nailed her writing of normal teenage angst Jordan must deal with a new school trying to fit with new friends some of which may not be her friends deciding if her feelings are for the handsome angel Mark or the hot thrill seeking high school heartthrob all while being stalked by demons It was a perfect fit for those of s who love dark a bit gory and graphic but not overly so paranormal tales But beware the wonderfully eerie ending will leave you wanting. A High to combat soulless demons She encounters Mark a mysterious new classmate who is hell bent on keeping her nscathed from the forces of evil The battle between Heaven and Hell is escalating and Earth is their battleground. .