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Air I had fun reading that Too bad it was short Swimming to put it mildly was and is not one of my strong points Had Mother Nature wanted me to swim in the act of creation and the process of volution she would have uipped me with webbed fingers Geralt made some few discoveries about the prophesy about Ciri He finally found the Druids he was looking for but "he got distracted I know that is the author s way of dragging the story but by doing that he "got distracted I know that is the author s way of dragging the story but by doing that he ruining his characterYennefer is also here her search for Ciri is ven ffective than Geralt s half baked plan I love her strength loyalty and dedication I never knew she cared this much for CiriCahir Milva Regis and the rest of the gang are still here they ven have a new addition her name is Angoul me she is from CintraThis nded in a cliffhanger only Geralt was safe Ciri and Yennefer are both in a perilThis conversation really got me thinking it s insulting but true Do you know Witcher what the greatest snag of longevity is No Sex What You heard right Sex After almost a hundred years it becomes boring There s nothing in it to fascinate or xcite any longer nothing that has the Conscience and Memory: Meditations in a Museum of the Holocaust exciting appeal of novelty It has all been done already In this or that way but it has happened And then suddenly comes the Conjunction of the Spheres and you people appear here Human survivors come from another world from your former world which you managed utterly to destroy with your still hirsute hands barely five million years aftervolving as a species There s only a handful of you your life Conscience and Memory expectancy is ridiculously low so your survival depends on the pace of reproduction Thus unbridled lust never leaves you sex totally governs you it s a drive powerfulven than the survival instinct To die Why not if one can fuck around beforehand That is your Pansy Vol. 6 entire philosophy Believe it or not the hero of this installment is not the Witcher Yennefer or Ciri It s Andrzej Sapkowski and his masterful storytelling techniue which utilizes various POVs narrative styles and multiple timelines across the centuries and locations He weave I really really want to love this book but the honest truth is that this one is really not that great The Tower of Swallows is a difficult book to define orven to recap The writing feels lost ambling around without direction constantly jumping scenes and forgetting about Geralt altogether about half way through the book Of note The Tower of Swallows isn t really about the ponymous witcher Geralt of Rivia Most real state is devoted to Ciri telling the story of how she Elizabeth I escaped Bonhart a deeply menacing bounty hunter of unclear motivations hisrstwhile Education in a New Society employer Nilfgaardian coroner Stefan Skellen and the Archmage Vilgefortz who appears to be the series main antagonist Eventually she leaves her hiding place to make her way to the tower followed by said pursuers who are determined to catch her before she cannter the tower and reassume her powers Geralt and his companions meanwhile are trying to make their way to Ciri OR TO WHERE THEY BELIEVE SHE MIGHT BE YENNEFER to where they believe she might be Yennefer Triss are also on Ciri s path albeit on different timelines and likely for different reasons The character narratives are not always linear or Education in a New Society: Renewing the Sociology of Education even told straightforwardly in the close third person favored by the genre Yennefer s story forxample is told over several timelines with crucial parts related by individuals who may not be reliable narrators More often than not the stylistic gambit works but there are instances in which The Tower of Swallows would have benefitted from conventional plotting For xample there is far too much space given to the spy Dijkstra s visit to a far flung and newly introduced kingdom a plot point that doesn t really develop and frankly isn t necessary Sometimes the same vent is narrated by different narrators from different times Then there s this build up that always starts with the same words and goes nowhere if someone looked into the cottage they would have seen an ashen haired girl It says it like 7 times and it s a full paragraph of text Every time I read it it heightens my anticipation for bigger things to come but nothing The Baby Swap Miracle ever happens It feels like Andrzej Sapkowski got bored and just decided to jump around andxperiment with the story from different angles then decided to throw the whole mess together and call it a book It s also worth noting the gratuitous violence the most I have ncountered in series so far Without spoiling too much there s a great deal of focus on torture and humiliation during certain seuences and though it has its purpose was uncomfortable to readJust as it gets interesting it abruptly nds There s Ecie wiedźmina i wojnach jakie nim wstrząsają W zagubionej wśród bagien chacie pustelnika ciężko ranna Ciri powraca do zdrowia Jej tropem podążają bezlitośni zabójcy z Nilfgaardu Tymczasem. .

35 of 5 stars at the BiblioSanctum Am So In Love am so in love these audiobooks Peter Kenny is the incontrovertible voice of this series making all my favorite characters come to life with his authentic reading style and superb acting Fan translations of these books have been around for a while but I don t mind waiting longer if it means I can njoy the audio ditions Every Time I Jump Into A New Book I M time I jump into a new book I m self isolating with covid 19 symptoms and this was verything I needed right nowAs I always say in these Witcher reviews these books are not going to be for veryone There s a lot of often dry political and court talk A lot of plot points and characters that disappear for whole books and don t turn up or come to fruition until 3 books down the line You have to play the long game but my God the character development and pay off is worth it This feels very much like Ciri s book and she s not been having a good time She feels very alone abandoned by those she thought would always be there to protect her and badly hurting Physically and mentally As we see her unravel and tell her story of what s happened to her since leaving the coup at Thanedd we get a wave of mixed motions and a young woman who s had a lot of growing up to do in a short amount of time Her character development has been masterfully done over the last couple of books and we ve been left with a deeply complicated character who has faced some horrendous situations and made some very difficult decisionsBecause this feels like Ciri s story we do see less of Geralt and Yennefer although they are busy in the background continuing the search for lion cub Their stories aren t as interesting granted however I always love the banter between Geralt and his band of misfits and it was also nice to get a bit background on Yen We also finally get to visit the Isles of Skellige and return to the character of Crach n Craite which I found very Gender Justice exciting and atmospheric The audio certainly helped in this respect as the narrator did anxcellent job of a variation on several Scottish accents to set the Skellige sceneI found this to be an Generations and Collective Memory excellent addition to the series finally with some long term plot payoff The webs are slowly closing in on our protagonists and I feel as though the finalnding is going to be pic This is a story about family friendship love and loyalty It s funny heartwarming and sarcastic It s brutal unforgiving and disturbing It s also relentless in the way it keeps xpanding the infinite grayscale that drives the actions and choices of the characters with believable character interactions You need to be one hundred percent focused to keep up with the twist turns and time jumps if you re able to keep that focus the story told is absolutely fantastic I really like the writing style of the author The "STORY AND THE CHARACTERS ARE EXTREMELY "and the characters are From Notes to Narrative extremely I am impressed by how Sapkowski creatively plays with different narrative techniues The Witcher s storyline is told in a series of diaryntries written by Dandelion most of Ciri s part of the story is told as a series of courtroom testimonies and flashbacksA new character Leo Bonhart the vicious bounty hunter has some terrifying scene as is the gladiator scene set in a coliseum At the nd of the book there s a spectacular battle in which Ciri is on ice skates Buddy read with Celise I m Ciri from Kaer Morhen I m a witcher I came here to kill Daaaamnuite possibly the best book in the main sagaRamblings to come Tower of Swallows is another great instalment to the Witcher series Though I love it and think it s a great book I have a few issues with this I didn t like the way the story is told Geralt was barely in this the part that he was in was almost inconseuential The writing is below average I think it has something to do with the translationApart from the above I pretty much like verything about this book Just how Baptism of Fire was Geralt s book this is Ciri s book The plot follows Ciri s life after the Rats were killed It isn t the God's Choice: The Total World of a Fundamentalist Christian School evil and indecent who are flung down into the depths no Oh no Thevil and decisive fling down those who are moral honest and noble but maladroit hesitant and full of scruples Ciri was baldly injured and was found by Vysogota an old hermit who treated her While she was there healing she told him her story We finally got to know how she got injured and how Bonhart captured her Ciri is still smart but life has changed her she is now somewhat bitter and very vengeful Living with Vysogota for some months really helped her I m also glad she now knows that her love ones didn t abandon herDandelion s narrative was a breathe of fresh. Ciri staje przed swoim przeznaczeniem Drakkar wiozący Yennefer trafia w oko czarodziejskiego cyklonu Czy wśród przyjaciół wiedźmina ukrywa się zdrajca Czwarta przedostatnia odłona popei o świ.

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Ittle resolution and half the Characters Are Lost In Limbo Who Knows Where The Hell are lost in limbo Who knows where the hell is I get that it s trying to set up the next book but the nding scene is strangely flat There s little to suggest doom or hope it just nds This is by far the weakest book in the series Time of Contempt was another tier of uality I still think this is a superb series and I hope Lady of The Lake will be a worthy finale I received a review copy of The Tower of the Swallow in xchange for an honest review Thank you to Andrzej Sapkowski and Gollancz Minor spoilers may follow The narrative begins with a hermit called Vysogota finding what he believes is an injured boy in a forest It transpires that this young "Gentleman Is Actually The Girl Ciri And "is actually the girl Ciri and is very close to death The hermit takes her to his shack which is untraceable unless you know it s there and prays that he can aid her recovery H This review can be found on Amaranthine ReadsThe Witcher series by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski continues with the Child Surprise Ciri travelling around with a bunch of thieves and bandits called the Rats whilst Geralt sorcerers and the Emperor send out people to find herThis series has plummeted to the very depths of tedium Every book has melded in to one and it s difficult for me to remember this particular one though I do recall my consternation at the random change of narrative style Geralt is still not doing any Witchering there is still monumental bitching between all the female characters and the dialogue is still pitifulI complained during a review of an arlier book in this series that we rarely had other points of view during the narration which seemed to slow down the ntire thing This book rectifies that but in such a way that it may as well have not happened We have around five POVs during any given chapter which confuses things incredibly and don t actually improve the plot or pace of the action We also for some reason begin to get Foraging for Survival excerpts from Dandelion s little memoirs which add nothing to the plotxcept a general feel that perhaps this is something Sapkowski should maybe try out because it s cool yoThe plot is also the same as it was in the previous three books This series a five book series discounting the first two short story collections is definitely two books too long and probably four books too long Everything seems to take around two chapters to tell A journey that could be told in one sentence Fragments ends up taking approximately half the book and we are left wondering why Nothing particularlyxciting happens during these journeys xcept meeting new characters that add nothing to the story because the characters we already know are weak and two dimensional Their interaction is always so false and incredibly immatureSpeaking of the characters the protagonists known as Geralt and Ciri have become cantankerous and pathetic They whinge and moan and act like little children not getting their own way And yet no one minds because one is a part of a prophecy and the other characters are all in love with the other It is as if nothing can touch them which is apparently the case since they lude capture maiming and death numerous times through no reason other than they must to keep the story goingThere is also far far far too many mentions of genitals I have never read a book that is so obsessed with genitals and sex I m sure HBO would love to turn this in to a TV series and a successful one at that due to the sheer amount of tits and sex Someone is ither aiming to stab someone lse in the penis or a man is wanting to shove his penis in a woman s vagina This is basically all that happens with some killing in betweenAnd there is still in a woman s vagina This is basically all that happens with some killing in betweenAnd there is still bitching between the female characters I m not sure there is a single woman who have anything nice to say about another woman xcept Ciri but she s basically just a child anyway And all women love all children It s a factI don t know why I felt the need to finish this series There is one book to go after this and whilst I found this particular instalment as boring as any book can be I find I ve invested so much I need to know Belzebub knows I will be disappointed I can feel it with this book as the plot meanders the characters flatten out ven and the dialogue improves by a hair s breadth It is my own fault for wasting my own time How can I give an outline of the plot of the sixth book of a series without giving huge spoilers So here you are a huge spoilerSufficient to say the book picks up right where the previous left which is logical considering that nothing whatsoever was resolved by the nd of that one actually I had a feeling it nded pract. Drużyna Geralta unikając coraz to nowych niebezpieczeństw dociera wreszcie do ukrywjących się druidów Czy wiedźminowi uda się odnaleźć Ciri Jaką rolę odegra osnuta legendą Wieża Jaskółk. Wieża Jaskółki
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