[Pdf/E–pub] (Women Our History)

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characters õ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ D.K. Publishing


Ces also feature such as pictures of film posters and uotes from the likes of Beyonc and Caitlin Moran The audience of this book is for adults and alike although with caution It arranged across a full colour coffee table book with small sections normally covering a double page spread making it in the style of a children s reference book and it could asily be put into the children s sections by librarians However the a children s reference book and it could asily be put into the children s sections by librarians However the content is not dumbed down in any way and does include many a reference to things like sexual violence and prostitution It may be that a child never comes across these parts depending on which bits of the book they are looking at but section headings Through the ages Prostitution and Experiences of sexuality Sex and sexuality make it asily possible to find bits with this in This book therefore probably should have a PG ratingOverall then the book is colourful and bright and informative Being arranged in sections authored by many people it is bitty and for reference than reading cover to cover but there is plenty in here that is goo. Khurst Eva Peron and Rosa Parks and discover the unsung contributions of lesser known women who have changed the world and the forgotten vents of women's historyPlacing women firmly centre stage Women Our History shows women where they have come from and in celebrating the achievements of women of the past offers positive role models for women of toda. Ontributors with many different sections split across 6 chapters from The Birth of the Patriarchy covering the period up to 600CE through to Smashing the Glass Ceiling covering 1960 through to the present dayThe aim of the book is to tell the story that wasn t always told women through history No longer buried in the footnotes it s time for history s women to step into #The Centre Stage And #centre stage And does this with many women getting mentions For xample Cleopatra Rosa Parks and Mother Teresa are all here as you d xpect but also many many unknown women However they are just mentions as the scope of the book is to whizz through history and not just limited to one part of the world but across the world as a whole so further research may be reuiredThe book also covers the wider issues faced by women in different ras and societies This includes things like marriage divorce voting rights inheritance work birth control and so onAlong the way there is plenty of historical vidence to go along with the text Colour photos of artefacts or art pieces feature But recent bits and pie. Th century feminism and gender politics to recent movements such as #MeToo and International Women's Day and the key role women have had in shaping our pastLearn about the veryday lives of women through the ages as women have had in shaping our pastLearn about the The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis everyday lives of women through the ages as as the big names of women's history powerful inspirational and trailblazing women such as Cleopatra Florence Nightingale Emmeline Pan.