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Your House Will PayRipple ffects on his family and that of the shooter Grace Park is a pharmacist and still lives at home with her mother and father I think the descriptions of her family life and how her parents settled in the US from Korea is In Over Her Head Chloe Babineaux Private Investigator especially interesting There is division between Miriam and her parents but we don t know why for a long time until it is revealed in a most dramatic way This is when the two different worlds collide with disastrous conseuences testing both families to thextreme This book reveals so much about society in that it shines a light on ineuality in the justice system on racial tension the devastating Säure-Basen-Einkaufsführer effects that violence has on families and how this can sometimes lead the impressionable young into gang culture It shows the divided nature of LA too a city of tolerance but where sectors of society feel shunned However this is notxclusive to LA this is a problem that goes way beyond US borders Overall this is a very relevant book that proves sensitive issues and which really makes you think The nd is good and you hope that despite the many problems in Shawn s and the Park family that some form of justice has been served and although reconciliation is perhaps too much to ask for possibly there is some resolutionThanks to NetGalley and Faber and Faber for the ARCExpected UK publication 16120 YOUR HOUSE WILL PAY is one of the best and most important books I have read this year Los Angeles 1991 Just after the brutal beating of Rodney King and the police shooting and killing of an unarmed black teenager tension and unrest in the communities are at an all time high Shawn and his family will be affected Years later in 2019 Shawn now an adult is still dealing with the vents of the past Grace and her family live just outside of LA and her and Shawn s world are about to collide in ways neither of them The Facial Nerve expected This is the story of an African American family and a Korean American family and how they will both deal with the conseuences of the pastas well as the prevalent problems that haven t seemed to change almost 30 years later This book was released last year but could not be read at a better time It touches on so many issues that the nation is currentlyxperiencing Author Steph Cha dives deep into the Black Lives Matter movement police brutality racism riots protests and murder It s Surgery for Cochlear and Other Auditory Implants eye opening heartbreaking anger inducing and one of the most powerful books I have read I wasn t aware of the racial tensions between the Black and Korean communities during and after the LA riots I feel that I learned a lot The book really delves into both of the families and care is given to make sureach character has a strong background that helps Uncommon Leadership: How to Build Competitive Advantage by Thinking Differently explain their actionsven though you may never fully understand them firsthand There is so much I d like to say but I don t think my words can convey how astounding and special this novel is An interesting item to note is that while this is a work of fiction the author based it on the 1991 murder of 15 year old Latasha Harlins The author s note gives information on this that I won t reveal here and also lets us know that if we would like to learn about Latasha we can read The Contested Murder of Latasha Harlins Justice Gender and the Origins of the LA Riots by Brenda Stevenson I very much look forward to reading it Thank you to my friend Christina whose fantastic review of this powerful and meaningful book put it on my radar A taut novel that Yoga Therapy for Insomnia and Sleep Recovery: Supporting People to Achieve Better Rest explores Korean and Black racial tensions that arose amidst the LA race riots of 1992 Steph Cha fictionalizes a real lifevent in 1991 Soon Ja Du a Korean female convenience store owner shot and killed Latasha Harlins in the novel Ava Matthews a 15 year old African American girl While Du was tried and convicted of voluntary manslaughter she received no jail time In Your House Will Pay Cha writes about the aftermath of this vent in the present day from the perspectives of the families of the victim and the perpetrator These families find their fates intertwined once when another act of violence occurs which sets the stage for both further injustice and a chance of hard won understandingI appreciated the complexity in which Cha writes about race relations between Asian and a chance of hard won understandingI appreciated the complexity in which Cha writes about race relations between Asian Black communities within Your House Will Pay She avoids asy or pat resolutions to ongoing and nuanced issues I like how Cha portrays the Korean American characters honest motional responses both the older daughter of the shooter s political fieriness as well as the shooter and her younger daughter s reprehensible collusion in anti blackness Cha does a nice job of subtly yet assertively pointing the finger at the police showing how conflicts between Asian and Black communities serve to uphold white supremacy and the police state The novel reads like a thriller and I always felt compelled to flip further whenever I picked up the book I wanted some interiority from the characters specially toward the nd of the book of a sense of their growth and some interiority from the characters specially toward the Ritual Alliances of the Putian Plain: Volume Two: A Survey of Village Temples and Ritual Activities end of the book of a sense of their growth and andmotional journey and resolution or lack thereof Still I would recommend this book specially to my fellow Asian Americans and others who are ignorant of the LA race riots or race relations between Black and Asians within the United States broadly I recognize that this novel may be hard to read given its in detail descriptions of violence anti blackness police acting in unhelpful and racist ways tc Wish You Were Here: An Essential Guide to Your Favorite Music Scenes—from Punk to Indie and Everything in Between especially for those who alreadyxperience those stressors in daily life Thanks to Steph Cha for writing this and fellow Asians let s address our community s anti blackness and band together with other racially marginalized groups to fight white supremacy UNDERRATED BOOK ALERTOh shoot Wow This book packs a punchI highly recommend the audiobook It s chef s kiss Set in LA this novel The Day Christ Was Born examines racial tensions grief and absolution through the lens of two families tied together by a decades old crimeOur protagonists Grace Park and Shawn Matthews aren tven aware of their connection to one another until after Grace s mother is shot outside of the family owned pharmacyAs Grace tries to grapple with why anyone would target her mother she discovers a long buried family secretThrough this discovery she learns why her sister Miriam hasn t spoken to their mother in almost two years Grace doesn t know how to react or how to deal with the fact that her mother isn t who she thoughtFollowing a police shooting of a black teenager as well as the recent release of his cousin Ray from prison Shawn Matthews 5 Nights: Sinful Delights Boxed Set experiences a lot of painful memories coming to the surfaceIn thearly 90s when Shawn was a kid his beloved sister Ava was shot After the beating of Rodney King by LA police officers the city was in turmoil Ava s death occurred during that intense time periodI m trying to be very careful with what I write here I don t want #To Spoil A Single Thing For Anyone #spoil a single thing for anyone may want to read thisI thought the choices Cha made in the format of this story were incredible It is so well done I became The Seventh Witch engagedxtremely uickly the characters definitely draw you in and keep you wanting to know I thought it was cleverly plotted alternating between the past and present timelines as well as between Park and MatthewsWhile the historical aspects demonstrate that not much has changed we are still fighting the same. H her Korean immigrant parents working at the family pharmacy and trying her best to understand why her sister Miriam hasn’t spoken to their mother in years The chasm in her family is growing wider by the day and Grace is desperate for reconciliation and frustrated by the feeling that her sister and parents are shielding her from the true cause of the falling outShawn Matthews is dealing with a fractured family of his own His sister Ava was murdered as a teenager back in 1991 and this new. .

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Fights when it comes to racism police brutality and cultural mistrust within cities I also think there is a lovely underlining message of hope That change can come That we can break the mold That we don t have to fall into the same patterns as those that came before usIt really is a powerful message One that I think is so important for a wide audience to ingestThere were many times when a new fact would come to light where I would audibly gasp It was rapid fire reveal reveal reveal as it all comes togetherI felt so much for both Shawn and Grace as well as their families Imagining all they had been through and the reasons why really weighs on a heartThis novel seems to be flying under the radar I am really hoping this review will make at least one person pick it up The issues tackled are so topical and importantWhy can t that person be you Seriously particularly in today s climate this is such an important story Grab a copy if you can You won t be disappointed 45 starsIt s not often that a book I read impacted me so much that I was rendered virtually speechless immediately afterwards to the point that despite having finished this book several days ago I had to wait to write this review because I needed time to regroup and gather my thoughts The reason this book impacted me so much is because the subject matter it covered hit a little too close to home for me as it brought back memories from 27 years ago and And the Miss Ran Away with the Rake emotions that felt so real I truly felt like I had been transported back in time to my childhood Back then my family lived in a littlenclave of apartment buildings in Westchester near its border with Inglewood in Los Angeles Nearby within walking distance was a tiny strip mall with a donut shop a laundromat a small restaurant and a Korean owned liuor store on the very corner a setup similar to the neighborhoods that the main characters in the book lived in during their youthThe story Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama's Dream of the Socialist States of America especially thevents that took place during the past timeline of 1991 and 1992 was tremendously familiar to me because it aligned with much of what I remember The Pocket Wife experiencing growing up as an Asian American in the Los Angeles of the 1990s I remember what happened to Latasha Harlins and the public outrage over the light sentence that Soon Ja Dunded up getting I remember the already simmering tensions between the African American and Korean communities that were further The Color of Our Sky exacerbated by the Harlins case I remember the Rodney King beating that took place around that time as well as the infamous acuittal that came down a year later and of course I remember the LA Riots and the devastation that took place those 6 days I was 13 years old at the time around the same age as one of the main characters in the book when the story opened and when the riots broke out I remember most of us were still at school anxiously waiting for our parents to come pick us up Our school wasn t close in proximity to the riot area fortunately however due to the chaotic nature of things and the fear that the rioting might spread to other areas it was advised for all the schools to shut down for the day As we waited for our rides there was a lot of nervous chatter among our group of friends as many of themither had long commutes home or they would have to pass by the areas where much of the rioting was beginning to gain traction Adding to those fears we had heard that rioters had started venting out their anger at innocent bystanders stopping random cars and pulling people out and beating them a rumor that was confirmed later that night on the news when we all witnessed in horror the terrifying vents that unfolded at the intersection of Florence and Normandie The looting and burning down of stores followed with the devastation spilling over to surrounding cities news coverage showed chaotic scenes with the destruction hitting heaviest in South Los Angeles and Koreatown which had become a target due to the Latasha Harlins case It was the worst time to be out in the streets in fact it was the worst time to be anywhere other than hidden away in the safety of our own homes with doors locked windows barred blinds drawn The xperience of reading this book felt almost surreal to me Even though the Obsession entire story was a fictionalized version based on pastvents and many of the details had been changed plus a majority of the timeline focused on present day 2019 and how the various characters dealt with the aftermath of what had
so long ago the memories *triggered were nough to bring the real life *were nough to bring the real life the story was based on back to life for me The author Steph Cha did a great job capturing the sentiments and perspectives of both the African American and Korean communities during that period in history but what floored me the most was how vividly she was able to depict the realities of what life was like growing up in Los Angeles in the 1990s not just for people of color but also for immigrants and others who were part of the community at the timeTen years after the riots occurred on the way to visit friends I happened to be driving through one of the areas hit hardest by the riots and I will never forget the shock I felt seeing how much of the area never got rebuilt Steph Cha captured my sentiments xactly when in the book she described what one of the main characters Shawn Matthews saw when he was surveying the devastation that had taken place around him right after the fictionalized riots in the story Wherever he went he saw the xtent of the ruin the cooled remnants of days of unchecked wrath Where there had been buildings there were now building frames like children s pictures scribbled in pencil gray and blurred and skeletal on the verge of disintegration Roll up doors defaced by graffiti and ash the metal warped so they d never close again Rubble and trash littered the streets like fallen teeth like dead skin the rot of a ravaged body This was actually the reality of what I saw as well many years later and ven now nearly 3 decades later some remnants of the devastation still xists albeit in smaller pocketsTo come across a book like this one that captures a history and time period and All Roads Lead Home evenlements of a culture that I was once so familiar with on a personal level THIS is one of the reasons why I read With that said I did struggle with the rating on this one wavering between 45 and 5 starsin the nd I decided on 45 stars mostly because I m not sure how I feel about the story s nding and the way things played out Needless to say this is a book I definitely recommend though word of warning this is not an asy one to read specially if you have a personal connection to parts of the story like I did Received ARC from HarperCollins Ecco via NetGalley NOW AVAILABLEwhen i heard about this book the first thing i thought after what a fantastic title that is was that it would be a I ve been working on this book since the nd of 2014 and while I get maybe one shot at sifting for typos I think I can finally say it s done It s a bit of a departure from my PI series a literarysocial crime novel about two Los Angeles families a contemporary story with #deep roots in the blackkorean tensions of the #roots in the blackKorean tensions of the 90s I ve worked long and hard on it so I m not gonna ualify this I think it s really good and I can t wait for you all to read it. Shooting is bringing up painful memories Plus his cousin Ray is just released from prison and needs to reconnect with their family after so many years away While Shawn is trying his best to keep his demons at bay he’s not sure Ray can do the sameWhen another shocking crime hits LA the Parks and the Matthewses collide in ways they never could have xpected After decades of loss violence and injustice tensions come to a head and force a reckoning that could clear the air or lead to violenc. 35 Stars A potent story based on an actual vent during the 1992 LA race riots when a black teenage girl was shot and killed by a Korean shop owner This fictional novel moves between that timeline and current vents to detail the aftereffects of that death on the lives of the two African American and Korean American families involved The characters are imperfect and the book s resolution is complex reminding me the reader that sadly not much has changed in race relations in the last 25 plus years Well written and thought provoking This is an ambitious book It s trying to tell a very specific story tied deeply to a particular place and time xploring the repercussions of an often forgotten set of racial tension between Black and Korean people in Los Angeles As Cha notes the specifics are often lost in the larger story of Rodney King and the Watts riots While it s very specific it will also feel relevant to anyone living in the US right now a time of protests and memorials and repeated unspeakable lossesWe see this story through two sets of yes Shawn grew up in the worst of it and got caught up in gangs and violence but he s found his way through and settled in to a kind of stable adulthood supporting his cousin s family while he s in prison Shawn s sister Ava was gunned down as a teenager before there w This book is shortlisted for the 2020 TOBYvonne Park an Just Cause elderly Korean woman is shot while closing her store just after seven o clock in thevening However Yvonne Park is not the name she was born with Jung Ja Han is the woman s birth nameYvonne changed her name to hide from an incident in which she shot and killed a young black girl back in 1991 Yvonne thought that the girl was trying to steal a bottle of milk and when she confronted her a fight broke out between them and it nded with Yvonne shooting the young girl in the back of the head as she walked away killing herThese are pretty much the only details we know at first and these details are only slowly given up by Cha as the narrative unfolds Is there a connection between the two shootingsThe narrative structure will switch perspective with one chapter covering the dead girl s family predominantly from the view of her brother Shawn and the next chapter the Korean family mainly through the yes of Grace Yvonne s daughterThe narrative will also jump back into the past to help fill in gaps like a jigsaw puzzle bringing the reader closer to what the real story isWith this structure the reader gets to see how the shooting affects both families and that both families are targeted and harassed and how the damage passes through generations The two families of different race are forever linked together by these five seconds of history Grace finds it particularly difficult as she was never told about the shooting and kept in the dark by the family about the whole incidentAfter an incident with a young man who works for an online news site Grace finds her mail account is inundated with hate mail Savage ravings and racist threats They are all from people she does not ven know a knife twist to the world of hyper social media where people can hide behind there keyboards Social Media in the modern world can be dangerous and vicious Information can spread uickly regardless of whether it is true or false Opinions can be rocketed off into cyberspace almost immediately after an vent has happened Millions of people able to vent and rave having only a fraction of the full story A snippet of video footage Social media becomes saturated with opinions and innuendo And these opinions inevitably spread like a cancerous growth But really don t we have ourselves to blame Don t we crave these stories Don t these stories metastasize into monsters because of our cravingsThe police suspect that it may be a revenge shooting because of Shawn s sister being shot by Yvonne back in 1992 Matters are not helped by the fact that Shawn s cousin has just spent the last ten years in jail and both Shawn and his cousin used to be the last ten years in jail and both Shawn and his cousin used to be of #A Gang Called The Crips #gang called the crips get worse when the Crips take credit for the shooting and Ray is arrested This novel is wonderful because of its confrontational nature What would you do if your mother shot a girl in the back of the head Would it change your perception your love for her What if your mother had worked her whole life to provide a decent life for you Would you uestion your beliefs about your mother Did she shoot the girl in shock after being attacked or did she do it in anger Could you forgive somebody for shooting your mother The novel really gets you thinkingIt also gets you thinking about our justice system and its flaws is true justice always served Of course not Is the Judicial system biased against racial minorities Do the rich get a better defence than the poor and how can this system be changed Justice is supposed to be ual for verybody but it simply is not The vital uestion is how do we change and improve itI loved this novel It is loosely based on an vent that truly happened but the narrative that Cha creates around this vent is wonderful The characters so real and believable The uestions that you will find yourself deliberating upon finishing will stick with you We live in an imperfect world a world flawed in so many ways but we must never stop trying to improve it for verybodyGreat book 45 StarsOh I almost forgot to mention the briliance of the title of the novel and how it has different connotations Both families or houses are paying in so many ways The house reference can also be used to describe the gang related payback SuperbThere is also a wonderul interview with Cha here This story is set in Los Angeles and is about two worlds colliding one Korean American family and one African American It is based on a true story of the shooting of Latasha Harlins in 1991 by a convenience store owner This story also starts in 1991 one week after the beating of Rodney King when Ava Matthews her brother Shawn cousin Ray and friend Duncan cut school and go to a movie which is cancelled due to overselling A riot and looting follows the cancellation as much due to the tinder dry atmosphere in LA post King it took little for there to be an ruption of violence A few days later Ava is shot dead whilst trying to buy milk by Korean store owner Jung Ja Han Han is charged with manslaughter but served no jail time to the horror of Ava s family She then disappears Shawn goes off the rails for a bit after this and served some jail time but got his life back on track Fast forward to June 2019 when Grace and Miriam Park attend a memorial for another black teenager shot by LAPD where one of the key note speakers is Ava s Aunt Sheila On the same day Ava s cousin and Sheila s son Ray is released for federal prison and is reunited with his family and cousin Shawn This is a story of racial tension family conflict and dynamics revenge and the search for redemption The book is very well written switching from family to family asily and captures the tensions within and outside of both families The closeness of Shawn s family is obvious although there is some tension and jealousy between Shawn and Ray but Aunt Sheila is the glue that keeps them together There are some heart breaking descriptions of what Ava meant to Shawn and the. A powerful and taut novel about racial tensions in LA following two families one Korean American one African American grappling with the ffects of a decades old crimeIn the wake of the police shooting of a black teenager Los Angeles is as tense as it’s been since the unrest of the arly 1990s Protests and vigils are being staged all over the city It’s in this dangerous tinderbox that two families must finally confront their pastsGrace Park lives a sheltered The Taste of Night existence living at home wit.

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